Monday, June 23, 2003

Corollary: Blogging About Blogging LXI

Ladies and gentlemen, a tip of the Media Diet hat to Blogger and Google staffer Eric, who's been hella helpful today providing support services to me as I find my Dano legs. While I decried the loss of the same-window display of the post creation and management tools in a previous entry, Eric just informed me that that view -- while unavailable in Explorer, which I was using solely because Mozilla periodically fragged my template -- is now available in Mozilla. Works like a charm. A charm.

Also, those of you who've been reporting bugs such as email notifications lacking proper Subjects -- and RSS feed descriptions not linking properly -- rest assured that I'm tweaking as we go... and that the Bloogler-Goggler gang is on top of things. I'm an increasingly happy camper. And I'm increasingly pleased that I use Blogger. Thanks, Eric.

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