Friday, June 27, 2003

Today Is Media Diet's Birthday II

Exactly two years ago today, Media Diet began. In June 2002, I had 2,854 unique visitors. So far this month, Media Diet's rated about 7,266 uniques. That must mean I'm doing something right, if not just publishing consistently.

Last year, I waxed enthusiastic about what people can do to improve the blogosphere. I still encourage you to email the people whose blogs you appreciate and thank them for what they do. The Web isn't about pages. Blogs aren't about posts. They're about people. Go to to the people behind the pages and posts. Don't ask for links; link to people you want others to know about. Don't just quote and comment; contribute original, useful material to the Web. Don't follow the link pack; do the new.

Also, standing thanks to Evan Williams, Jason Shellen, and the Blogger gang. More power to you. Thanks to Jon Ferguson and the Cardhouse crew for giving me a place to hang my hat. Thanks to Media Dieticians everywhere. Thanks to the people who've followed my confblogs. And thank you, who's reading this right now. You're the best.


In other news, James Stegall is 28 today. Happy birthday, James!

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