Thursday, June 05, 2003

From the In Box: NetWork VI

Not really that strange. Friendster counts out four layers, from what I can tell, and if you take an average of 10 friends across the network (which isn't unreasonable -- active members seem to collect many more than that), you get 10 friends of your own, 100 friends of theirs, 1000 of theirs, and 10,000 overall. So it's going to be in the five-figure range one way or another. As Friendster grows, your maximum network won't grow that much more, so it will be a smaller percentage.

By the way, newly issued member numbers are in the 360,000 range.

By comparison, my network on LinkedIn is just 2,500 people, but it includes Joi Ito, and I suspect that means that it includes perhaps as much as 75% of the entire LinkedIn member base. It's all a function of growth.
-- Dan Hartung

Thanks, Dan! Today I am connected to 85,180 people in my Personal Network, through 37 friends. Adding a couple of new friends netted something like 20,000 new connections.

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