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Daily Headlines for July 30, 2022

States With Abortion Bans Are Among Least Supportive for Mothers and Children
They tend to have the weakest social services and the worst results in several categories of health and well-being.

Study: One in five adults don’t want children — and they’re deciding early in life

In defence of people watching
Summer in the city is made for it – but observing those around us can also make us more empathetic

When Police Fail to Act in a Crisis
Psychology can help explain why law enforcement officers in Uvalde took so long to confront a school shooter

How I came to loathe my car
Driving has been sold to us as freedom. It really isn’t

Splendid isolation? Most people prefer globalisation
Once insular places like Ireland and Singapore understand the benefits of global exchange. Ukrainians yearn for it

‘Agent Josephine’ Review: A Spy in Costume
While on tour, Josephine Baker befriended Axis power elites, then traveled home with war intelligence tucked in her furs.

34 days, 2,400 miles and one cramped boat: How 4 women set a record rowing across the Pacific

Emma Forrest’s fantasy dinner: Jon Ronson and a ‘mean mommy’ porn star
Stoned under the stars in Jamaica, the writer and memoirist can’t bring herself to tell George Michael he’s dead

This Is Not Just Another Bike Race
A women’s edition of the Tour de France triumphantly returns—with fireworks in final mountain stages to come

Mom Knows Best. She Fights Best, Too.
Years ago, the U.F.C. excluded women. The contestants in Saturday’s title bout, Julianna Peña and Amanda Nunes, are proud to be fighters and mothers.

Enter the inner sanctum of elite chess
Eight of the game’s grandmasters gathered in Madrid this month for an international summit of sorts. They were playing for the future of chess

Golf may be changing but its lure for men behaving badly remains
A former US Congressman’s arrest for information trading post match is the latest indication of the sport’s challenges cleaning up its act

Is the future of fact-checking automated?
Fact-checkers in London have developed a verification tool to live fact-check false claims with a goal of global implementation.

Fox News, Once Home to Trump, Now Often Ignores Him
The former president hasn’t been interviewed on the Rupert Murdoch-owned cable network in more than 100 days, and other Republicans often get the attention he once did.

Antenna Group Emerges as Bidder for Vice Media
Vice Media, which is exploring a sale of its business, has a longstanding relationship with the Greek broadcaster.

Reintroducing Sam Sanders
After 12 years at NPR, the former host of “It’s Been a Minute” is stepping out with a new pop culture podcast — uncensored, uninhibited and unbothered.

Verdict Lands in ‘Wagatha Christie’ Case Gripping Britain: War Between Wives of U.K.’s Biggest Soccer Stars
Court ruling comes after Coleen Rooney accused Rebekah Vardy of leaking gossip about her to the tabloids. ‘It was so delicious.’

Tired of Instagram? Try Discord
The popularity of the social messaging app boomed during the pandemic. Fans say its lack of an algorithmic feed makes it a more natural space for building community than other forms of social media.

The Microchip Era Is Giving Way to the Megachip Age
To continue making our gadgets more powerful, engineers have worked out a new way to get around the barriers to making microchips faster: Just make them bigger.

Regain The Drive To Reach A Long-Term Goal

Make A Big Impression By Mastering Small Talk And Mingling

You Just Can’t Count on Dracula Memorabilia
Disappointing bidding on anti-vampire kits is driving a stake through plans for big payoffs

The techies we wanted to go away have – and it's our loss

The Lonely Office Is Bad for America
Employees may like remote work, but it tends to break down both organizational and national culture.

How can the UK improve its productivity? I went to Legoland to find out
Like theme parks, British businesses could invest more, but uncertainty holds them back

Reports of the Choco Taco’s Death Are Possibly Exaggerated
It turns out killing the Choco Taco was what it took for the wacky ice cream treat to get its due. And it may not be frozen out for long.

Interiors on a plate: rise of the online homeware curators
Designers who create off-the-shelf ‘looks’ at all price points are rapidly gaining traction on social media

Uber Introduces New App Features to Sweeten Gig for Drivers
The move is an attempt to retain drivers amid a yearlong labor shortage, high gas prices

A whole new world? Disney after ‘Don’t Say Gay’
The entertainment giant’s bungled response to a controversial Florida bill has raised difficult questions for its LGBT+ fans

‘Here we go’: FTC’s Meta case puts Lina Khan’s antitrust vision to the test
Landmark lawsuit to block virtual reality deal will challenge Big Tech and the legal establishment

Meta Faces A Long And Winding Road To Get Out Of A Muddy Morass

Pixar pioneer hopes for animation comeback after Disney ousting
Skydance unit debuts first film under John Lasseter as part of four-picture deal with Apple

Elon Musk Files Response and Counterclaims to Twitter Lawsuit Over $44 Billion Deal
Tesla CEO’s response filed confidentially in Delaware Chancery Court

Boston Consulting in ‘nepotism’ row over work experience for children of top staff
Children of managing directors and partners hosted in London for week-long programme

Steel Dynamics CEO Says His Steel Is More High-Tech Than Facebook

Howard Slusher, Fearsome Agent for Athletes and Nike’s Phil Knight, Has Died at 85
Lawyer, dubbed Agent Orange, studied psychology of sports and often represented clients who refused to play until team owners capitulated

Ranked-Choice Voting Makes a Joke of Alaska Politics
Santa Claus isn’t coming to Congress, but that’s the only good result from this electoral experiment.

A sea of troubles surrounds the question of whether to prosecute Trump
Putting the former president in the dock risks civil strife, but a failure to act would also carry dangers

When elites are too effective for their own good
Technocrats soften the crises that voters need to take politics seriously

Abortion rights activists arrested for vandalizing LACMA’s ‘Urban Light’ landmark, police say

Russian National Charged With Spreading Propaganda Through U.S. Groups
Federal authorities say the man recruited several American political groups and used them to sow discord and interfere with elections.

Russian charged with using U.S. groups to spread propaganda

House Passes Assault Weapons Ban That Is Doomed in Senate
Coming on the heels of a spate of mass shootings, the vote gave Democrats another opportunity to draw a sharp distinction with Republicans before the midterm elections.

What if They Gave a War and Everybody Was Woke?
The military’s embrace of faddish politics may make activists happy, but it’s driving away recruits.

Pushing an Immigration Conspiracy Theory, While Courting Latinos
Blake Masters, a top candidate in Arizona’s Republican primary for the Senate, has accused Democrats of plotting to “import” new voters. That poses a challenge in a state where a third of the voters are Hispanic.

Doug Mastriano Faces Criticism Over His Backing From Antisemitic Ally
The founder of Gab, a far-right social media network, recently made bigoted remarks defending his ties with Mr. Mastriano, the Republican nominee for governor of Pennsylvania.

To 9/11 Families, Saudi-Backed Golf Event Is ‘Another Atrocity’
The families are furious that former President Donald J. Trump once blamed Saudi Arabia for the terrorist attacks, but is now allowing his golf course to be used for its LIV Golf event.

The Last Revolutionaries — the political trial that changed France
Laura Mason on a pivotal moment that toppled a government — and the warning it offers for modern democracies

How to regain the habit of deep reading
We are shaped by a lifetime of books read for pleasure, so what happens if we become skimmers?

L.A. Unified estimates tens of thousands of students are missing from back-to-school rosters

L.A. school lunches go healthy with mango smoothies, ramen, berries. Will students bite?

The Mystical Origins of Wordplay
From oracular riddles to the daily Wordle, humans have always had the urge to decode

‘Skinny’: A Stripped-Down Bill or Vital Gossip
The synonym for slender was once a compliment for the complexion

My First Lesson in Beauty
I learned more than I expected from a few brush strokes in a seventh-grade calligraphy class.

The world’s most powerful passports for 2022 (January 2022)

Your Airport Survival Guide: 5 Ways to Handle Flight Delays and Other Headaches
The skies are less friendly these days, with travelers plagued by flight delays and jam-packed airports. Here, a few strategies to help you cope—and even enjoy an unexpected layover.

The Science Behind Who Airlines Bump From Overbooked Flights—and How to Exploit It
An economist’s playful suggestion helped prompt those airline offers aimed at persuading you to give up your seat

What to do when your luggage gets lost
From emergency shirts to high-tech tagging: how to survive in style when you travel — and your clothes don’t

The Democratization of Airport Lounges
No longer just for the flying elite, these havens from chaos are easier to get into now, with the crowds to prove it.

How Can Big Cities Get Us to Live There (Again)?
The rise of hybrid work has impacted the economies of America’s downtowns. But in the long term, these less-crowded cities could lead to a new urban renaissance.

L.A. County’s historic General Hospital is set to be converted into affordable housing

Alley near Nipsey Hussle murder scene will be closed for more than a year due to crime issues

The M.T.A. Is Bringing Cellphone Service to New York’s Subway Tunnels
The project will come at no public cost but will take 10 years to finish.

A Paean to the Gods (and Shammgods) of New York City Hoops
Some of the most memorable characters in New York basketball history gathered in Manhattan for a screening of the documentary film “NYC Point Gods,” a tribute to — well, to them.

Ice Cream Is Big in New Hampshire: Where to Find the Best Scoops in the State
Home to its own ‘Ice Cream Trail,’ New Hampshire excels at summertime sweets. One devotee susses out five of the most charming places in the state to order a scoop—or three.

Pope Francis, in Canada, Tries to Distinguish Evangelization From the Pain Caused by Colonialism
The pontiff apologized for Catholics’ role in forced assimilation of indigenous children and praised early missionaries for their appreciation of indigenous cultures

Pope visits Nunavut for final apology of his Canadian tour

Why Catholicism Remains Strong in Canada
Even as Catholicism wanes in many Western countries, in Canada, it is holding steady as the largest religious denomination.

Dr. Oh, ‘the God of Parenting,’ Will See You Now. On Television.
In South Korea, Dr. Oh Eun-young, a celebrated psychiatrist, has helped destigmatize seeking therapy and blown up the traditionally private relationship with patients by putting it all on TV.

Dry Fountains, Cold Pools, Less Beer? Germans Tiptoe Up the Path to Energy Savings
Local leaders find themselves at the front line of Europe’s conservation efforts, fearing a Russian gas cut. It’s not an easy place to be.

Brazil moves toward paving a road through a preserved Amazon area

All the Gear You Need to Fill Your Backyard With Birds (and Learn Everything About Them)
Birdbaths, binoculars and an app that works like Shazam for bird calls are among the tools birding experts say will help you join the legions of people who began birding during the pandemic. No need to leave your neighborhood.

Innovate to pollinate: hi-tech ways to welcome insects into your garden
A new wave of apps and AI wizardry is helping gardeners encourage bees, butterflies and more

Folklore, foraging and floral recipes at Slovenia’s wild flower festival
Why the annual event in Bohinj has become a magnet for Britain’s wild plant gardeners

On the trail of Thomas More’s Utopia in a churchyard in west London
Amid a scorching heatwave, our gardening columnist escapes to a haven of green just off King’s Road, Chelsea . . .

Ships must slow down more often to save whales, federal government says

Unearthing the Secret Superpowers of Fungus
In the fight against warming, a formidable ally hides just beneath our feet.

Americans' reactions to new NASA images from the James Webb Space Telescope

Interpreting What the Webb Telescope Sees
Astronomers add color to the infrared images for scientific reasons but also to help the rest of us appreciate their beauty

‘The Literary Mafia’ Review: People of the Book
After years of exclusion from the institutions that shaped American letters, many Jews made their mark in the world of postwar American publishing.

Why are successful film-makers writing novels?
Werner Herzog, Oliver Stone and David Koepp reveal what has drawn them from the screen to the book

‘The Twilight World’ Review: World War II’s Last Combatant
In the Philippine jungle, Japanese officer Hiroo Onoda dismissed news of peace and continued to fight. His private war lasted 29 years.

Mysteries: ‘The Dark Remains’ by William McIlvanney and Ian Rankin
The Glasgow detective Jack Laidlaw returns to investigate one more case, in a tale left behind by his late creator.

Stuart Woods, Prolific Best-Selling Thriller Author, Dies at 84
His mysteries featured extravagant characters like Stone Barrington, a libidinous New York lawyer who, like Mr. Woods, hung out at Elaine’s.

Large Video Screen Falls During Mirror Concert in Hong Kong, Injuring 2
Two dancers for the popular boy band were hospitalized, a local news outlet reported. Hong Kong officials promised an investigation.

Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Embodies Decades of Dance Music. Here’s a Guide.
Chicago house, hyperpop, classic ’70s disco: The pop star’s new album is a tour through some of the genre’s most well-known touchstones as well as more underground sounds.

‘Great God A’Mighty!’ Review: Music With a Mission
Starting from the churches of South Carolina hill country, the Dixie Hummingbirds sang their way to gospel stardom.

Kraftwerk’s Karl Bartos: ‘We were overwhelmed by technology’
The German band’s former member recalls the promises and perils of a life making electronic music

Edvard Munch and black metallers Satyricon — a meeting of dark minds
The Norwegian artist’s works are being shown alongside music specially composed by the band

Mystery Train — how Elvis Presley turned Junior Parker’s 1953 track into a hit
The song went on to have a resounding impact on pop music, and popular culture

Reggae on Film: from the streets to the dancehall to the screen
The BFI’s season marks 60 years of Jamaican independence with movies and personalities famous and forgotten

Marvel Studios Box-Office Slump Shows Limits of Disney’s Superhero Universe
“Thor: Love and Thunder” had weak box-office sales in its second week, fitting a pattern for a prized franchise showing signs of age

‘Giant,’ a Great American Epic Film
George Stevens’s 1956 movie based on Edna Ferber’s novel stars Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean in a multigenerational tale of a Texas family as sweeping as the changes in their state and country

Photos That Helped to Document the Holocaust Were Taken by a Nazi
Historians have relied on Herman Heukels’s pictures of Jewish persecution in World War II, but it’s not widely known that the Dutch photographer shot them as Nazi propaganda.

A Bold Art Collection in Cleveland
A new show will feature works by Picasso, Matisse and other masters recently donated to the Cleveland Museum of Art

The Clamor of Ornament, Drawing Center — superfluous desires
Modernists hated bibelots but this New York show makes a strong case for the love of unnecessary decoration

Lourdes Grobet, Photographer of Mexico’s Masked Wrestlers, Dies at 81
In her innovative career, she found her ultimate subject in lucha libre wrestling: men and women who, to her, were members of an unexplored subculture.

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