Monday, July 18, 2022

Daily Headlines for July 18, 2022

‘Is That Ableist?’ Good Question.

Holocaust survivors mark 80 years since mass Paris roundup

On the Streets With Tiger Hood, New York City’s Favorite Golfer

Armpit Hair Is Back, Whether You Like It or Not
Even trendy razor companies are backing off from the clean shave. How armpit hair resprouted, from glossy ads to celebrity underarms—and even the cover of Vogue

German Pillows Are Oddly Huge. We Take an Under-Cover Look.
Many people who travel to Germany agree on this: The nation’s beloved 31-by-31-inch bedding cushions are too big, too square and too soft

U.S. women’s track making strides with new wave of athletes

'I love the pitch clock': Why MLB's future stars have embraced the coming rule change

It’s Time to Rescue Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani
The Los Angeles Angels have two All-Stars in their prime and a pile of losses to show for it. They might as well make this disastrous season fun to watch, writes our columnist.

The Lesson of Carlin’s Dirty Words
He was acquitted and entertainment became coarser, as censorship assumed new forms.

Malcolm Gladwell podcast examines iconic 1968 Olympic protest and its San Jose roots

Eugenio Scalfari, Leading Italian Journalist, Dies at 98
As a founder of La Repubblica, one of the country’s major newspapers, and later as a columnist, he left a mark on civic life.

Tech Savvy or Tech Addicted? Older Adults Are Stuck on Screens, Too
Older adults spend nearly 10 hours a day on their devices, and it can leave younger generations rolling their eyes

For Blind Internet Users, the Fix Can Be Worse Than the Flaws
Companies say their A.I.-powered tools are the best way to fix accessibility problems online, but many blind people find they make websites harder to use.

Surging demand for cobalt spurs hunt for mineral in Australia’s mine waste
Geologists scour outback for commodity used in EV batteries as Canberra seeks to diversify from fossil fuels

Cryptomining Capacity in U.S. Rivals Energy Use of Houston, Findings Show
The findings, by a congressional investigation, highlight how the surge in activity has caused consumers’ electrical bills to rise and makes it harder to fight global warming.

As Russia Runs Low on Drones, Iran Plans to Step In, U.S. Officials Say
The potential delivery of hundreds of Iranian drones would help the Kremlin replenish a fleet that has suffered steep losses in Ukraine.

You Can’t Make Up for Lost Time, but These Parents Are Trying
Two-plus years of canceled events and lost memories give way to splurges—and more guilt. ‘I really just want to make sure they have the best time possible.’

The Knights of Medieval Times Will Carry Union Cards With Their Lances
The horsemen, courtiers, stablehands and other performers at ye olde New Jersey tourist attraction formed a new kind of medieval guild when they voted to unionize.

Plan to extract lithium from Xinjiang raises forced-labor questions for EV industry

Cut the meetings, make more friends
Having a close friendship at work is key for happiness and engagement — why don’t we make it a priority?

Why an executive coach is now a must-have for CEOs
All forms of coaching are booming, post-pandemic — but expensive leadership ‘whisperers’ have become indispensable

Style and Superstar Egos: The Pros and Cons of N.B.A. Coaching
A weeklong camp helps professional basketball players learn what it takes to become a head coach. “I just know that I can’t play forever,” one attendee said.

Personal branding: we may cringe, but it works 
Not everyone is comfortable with promoting themselves, although it can be an asset to reputation and visibility

Arizona Moves to Hold Cops Unaccountable
The law against video recording promotes abuse and violates the First Amendment.

Senators decry lack of federal safety assessment of tear gas

In the Face of Fact, the Supreme Court Chose Faith

I Went to the State Where the First Big Fight Over Abortion Is On. Here’s What I Saw.

Prosecutors seek 15-year sentence for armed Capitol rioter

'Hostage diplomacy': Potential Brittney Griner prisoner swap with Russia is promising and dangerous
The way Brittney Griner will likely leave Russia is with a prisoner exchange, experts say. It would involve a complicated dance between governments and negotiators. The talks could last years.

Juvenile curfews come with consequences, but not the ones they're designed for, studies show

Column: In defense of street food vendors and the right to honest, hard work

Knott’s Berry Farm stepping up security after multiple fights force park to close early

Peeling Paint in Hong Kong Reveals Work of Newly Relevant ‘King’
When he was alive, the graffiti of Tsang Tsou-choi, or the “King of Kowloon,” was considered peculiar and personal. In a radically changed city, his mostly vanished art now has a political charge.

MLB draft undergoes an L.A. facelift with an eye on fan growth

25 million kids missed routine vaccinations because of COVID

Experts: Pregnant people could face greater risk of domestic violence after abortion bans
Thousands could be threatened, experts say, because the same groups most impacted by abortion bans — rural, low-income, and women of color — also experience higher rates of domestic violence.

Indiana AG's comments about doctor who performed 10-year-old's abortion prompt cease-and-desist letter

Corinne Le Quéré: ‘Could we just adapt to climate change? The answer is no’
The Canadian-born climate scientist stays cool as politicians fail to act, saying we have the solutions we need — we just have to use them

Angered by climate denial, a Times photographer embarked on a watershed journey

Environmental groups allege L.A. River Master Plan was approved without proper review

Endangered salmon will swim in California river for first time in 80 years

The Nature Hikes That Take All Summer
Completing a thru-hike such as the Appalachian or Pacific Crest trails is a daunting fitness challenge–here’s how hikers prepare

A rabbit with horns? Why some of these critters look like a real-life 'jackalope'

Playlist: The 40 best songs of 2022 so far

A night out with Kneecap, Ireland’s political hip-hop rebels

Saucy Santana and Trina on Fame, Fashion, and Southern Flow

Eartheater and Shayne Oliver Are Creating New Worlds

The Weeknd tour kicks off with an apocalyptic stadium rave in Philadelphia

The ‘November Rain’ music video defined a generation. Inside its ‘bonkers’ production

Op-Ed: What do artists and their fans owe each other?

In Rome, a New Museum for Recovered Treasures Before They Return Home
The Museum of Rescued Art showcases antiquities that were looted or otherwise lost before they go back to institutions in the regions from which they were taken.

Janeane Garofalo Never Sold Out. What a Relief.
That concept might be the reason her trailblazing stand-up career has been overshadowed; it may also be the reason she’s still so sharp, our critic argues.

Confessions of an ex-Disney princess: What it's really like and what guests don't know

Gary Lee Boas on Hot Gay Porn Stars and Hollywood Heroes

Milton Avery, Royal Academy review — summery delight from a postwar master painter
Avery’s first UK retrospective shows off the shimmering surfaces of his innovative canvases

‘Picasso–El Greco’ Review: Linking the Masters
Through around 40 pairings, an exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Basel juxtaposes two artists from different eras, one whose work was a foundational inspiration for the other.

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