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Daily Headlines for July 27, 2022

Op-Ed: If men were targets, abortion bans would be unimaginable

The NRA helped make it hard to study gun violence for decades. Now the floodgates are open.

Try to Resist the Call of the Doomers

Column: The version of me who entered 2020 no longer exists

Three New Books Challenge Preconceived Notions of Race
Far-left activists, scholars and journalists dominate the debate with views most black Americans reject.

47 House Republicans voted for gay marriage rights. Your turn, Senate GOP.
We acknowledge that some Republicans still remain firmly opposed to marriage equality. We respectfully disagree.

The Choco Taco, Ice Cream Snack of American Summers, Is Discontinued
A fixture of ice cream trucks and convenience stores is no more after Klondike said it would focus on other products.

Kyiv Nightlife Comes Back Amid Urge for Contact. ‘This Is the Cure.’
Frenzied raves. Crowded bars (with free therapy). And of course, cuddle parties. Nightlife is returning to Ukraine’s capital. But revelers still have to reckon with guilty feelings. Plus curfew.

Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell goes to low-security Florida prison offering yoga, Pilates

A 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Rules the Wyoming Roads
Brad Poe drove this classic Chevy to the prom. His grandfather drove one while building fighter planes in World War II.

Records Fell at the Track Worlds. A Trend? Not So Fast.
Some have referred to this era as a golden age of better and better times. But a deeper look at the data shows the simple shorthand conclusion is incomplete.

Uwe Seeler, One of Germany’s Greatest Soccer Players, Dies at 85
He led West Germany to the 1966 World Cup, but his teams never won a title. Pele included him on his list of the world’s premier living players.

Democrats accuse Disney’s Hulu of censoring ads on abortion and guns

OAN, a Dependable Trump Promoter, Faces a ‘Death Blow’
After Verizon drops the network at the end of this week, OAN’s cable TV audience will shrink dramatically.

Instagram, facing criticism from Kylie Jenner and others, tries explaining itself.
Meta is meeting backlash for changes that make some of its platforms act more like TikTok.

Cats rule the internet — can they now conquer gaming with Stray?
Set in a dystopian, humanless world, the hit new title taps into a long-running obsession

Need to strike a healthier work-life balance when you work from home? These apps can help.

Smartphone too hot to handle? How to keep iPhone, Android phone from overheating in summer weather

Four Takeaways From a Times Investigation Into China’s Expanding Surveillance State
Times reporters spent over a year combing through government bidding documents that reveal the country’s technological road map to ensure the longevity of its authoritarian rule.

Tech experts need defence training for Nato’s race against China
Innovation is found in the start-up community, but these companies have minimal interest in national security

Senate Advances $280 Billion Bill Subsidizing Chip Manufacturing, Technology
Package, seen by proponents as critical to competing with China, draws bipartisan support

Kraken, a U.S. Crypto Exchange, Is Suspected of Violating Sanctions
The Treasury Department is investigating whether the crypto exchange allowed users in Iran to buy and sell digital tokens, said people with knowledge of the matter.

Book Soup, West Hollywood’s storied bookstore, unionizes amid a larger organizing wave

Don’t Expect Big Consumer Brands to Lower Prices Soon
Coca-Cola, Unilever and Kimberly-Clark say price increases helped them cover cost inflation, but they are watching how consumers respond

World’s largest consumer goods groups reveal soaring price rises
Unilever, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s warn of more pressure on households as global inflation surges

Unilever Buoyed by Higher Prices but Loses Some Shoppers
Dove soap maker says cost-conscious consumers are trading down to store brands

More Signs Emerge That Inflation Is Altering Shopping Habits
Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Unilever said some consumers were shifting their spending in response to rapidly rising prices, after Walmart rattled the market with a warning about unsold inventory.

Editorial: L.A. is too quick to freeze City Council members’ pay upon suspension

QB's weekly film review clause a terrible idea

Hotel Guests Are Back, but the Workers Aren’t
Hundreds of thousands have left the industry, and competition is fierce for housekeepers, food servers and other hotel staff; ‘Where did everybody go?’

Melting Profits Threaten the Ice Cream Man

Shopify Says It Will Lay Off 10% of Workers, Sending Shares Lower
CEO Tobi Lütke says company made wrong bet on pandemic-fueled boom in e-commerce growth lasting

Inflation’s Funky Byproducts: Bacon Soap or Dairy Vodka, Anyone?
Consumers respond ‘Eww, we don’t want that,’ or ‘Oh, that’s really cool’

‘Restarting the Future’ Review: You Can’t Touch This
A plan to revamp the software of society—intangibles such as ideas, knowledge and relationships—to further a progressive agenda.

Memo to Wall Street: don’t touch that delete button!
Technology marches on but business’s outdated approach to document retention does not

‘Operating With Increased Intensity’: Zuckerberg Leads Meta Into Next Phase
Facebook’s founder is setting a relentless pace as he pushes his company through a tech transformation during a global economic slowdown.

How big will legal weed get? 2 factors limit market size, even if US legalizes cannabis.

Deal Struck to Create European Satellite Rival to Elon Musk’s Starlink
Eutelsat and OneWeb to merge internet-delivering satellite constellations to compete with Starlink and Amazon

Moonshot: can Eutelsat compete in a space race with Bezos and Musk?
Merger of French satellite operator and money-losing OneWeb shows pressure old order faces from challengers

Ben & Jerry’s Should Avoid Geopolitics, Unilever Boss Says Amid Israel Spat
CEO of consumer goods giant says he wants to keep ice cream brand despite ideological differences

Column: A naked JLo is hawking a ‘booty balm’ to make your rear resemble hers. Good luck with that

Google Sales Growth Slows as Pressures Mount on Ad Market
Online advertising remains in focus for investors as an industry critical to the health of many internet companies

Microsoft Earnings Dented by Cloud Slowdown, Videogame Sales Drop
Software giant reports lowest earnings growth in two years

Twitter Schedules Shareholder Vote on Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Takeover Bid
Move comes after the billionaire indicated July 8 he no longer intended to go through with the deal

Coinbase faces SEC probe over unregistered securities

Fantasy-Sports App Underdog Valued at $485 Million in Fundraising Round
Startup is expanding into growing U.S. sports-betting industry

Before the ballot box, Americans with disabilities have problems getting voting information

With Crisis Everywhere, Do Democracies Have an Edge?
The challenges of pandemic and climate change are being closely studied, but have done little so far to settle the eternal debate over whether authoritarian governments or democracies fare better in hard times.

‘Kind of Wild/Creative’: Emails Shed Light on Trump Fake Electors Plan
Previously undisclosed communications among Trump campaign aides and outside advisers provide new insight into their efforts to overturn the election in the weeks leading to Jan. 6.

Man’s 63-month prison term matches longest for a Capitol riot defendant

Uniformed militia members offering help to Oak fire victims sparks furor near Yosemite

Tunisians Approve New Constitution That Undercuts Democracy
The charter, passed in a referendum, cements the almost absolute power that President Kais Saied seized over the past year, when he has ruled mostly by decree.

Republicans Confront Unexpected Online Money Slowdown
In an otherwise favorable political climate, small-dollar donations have dropped for Republicans, making the party more reliant on megadonors to compete.

Top Republican accuses China of infiltrating Fed to access US data
Senator Rob Portman alleges Beijing has network of informants within central bank

Have Better Conversations With Friends—or Anyone
Share personal details. Avoid questions with one-word answers. Here are the best ways to start a deeper conversation.

The Supreme Court Has Ushered In a New Era of Religion at School
For two centuries, America had kept questions of church and state at bay. The country is not ready for the ones to come.

Freedom of Speech Is Under Attack in Public Schools, U.S. House Panel Told

Christian Nationalists Blame Texas School Shootings On Teaching of Evolution

Woman Checks out All LGBTQ Library Books to Preserve Children's "Innocence"
School board candidate Heather Fletcher says she checked out the books to make the library a "safe place for children."

Colo. Religious School Teacher Wins Right To Pursue Claim Of Unlawful Dismissal

Op-Ed: How historic redlining led to extreme heat in the Watts community

Low-Cost Cities With Strong Economies Remain Attractive as Housing Market Slows
Remote workers willing to relocate help push small, affordable areas to the top of the latest WSJ/ index

Californians and other Americans are flooding Mexico City. Some locals want them to go home

Column: 6th Street bridge is an instant L.A. icon — if drivers don’t ruin it for everyone else

Speed bumps coming to 6th Street Viaduct after illegal takeovers and bridge shutdowns

Welcome to Chicago, Hot Dog Town, U.S.A.
Just don’t even think about asking for ketchup.

The JFK-Manhattan commute is hellish. So we tried a helicopter, the subway and an Uber.

A Historic Affordable-Housing Project in Miami Gets a Face-Lift
Built in the 1930s and opened in 1937, Liberty Square is being rebuilt as a mixed-income development

Rumrunning, Bootlegging and More Criminal History of ‘Liquor Island’
Long Island, with its extensive shoreline, became a focal point for figures like Dutch Schultz and Charles “Lucky” Luciano.

Jews, Muslims and others say Roe vs. Wade reversal threatens their religious freedom

One Manner of Law
The religious origins of American liberalism

First Amendment Fumble
Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Wash. Football Coach Who Wants To Pray With Students

The Supreme Court Benches the Separation of Church and State
The court has adopted an approach that would see the lines between church and state hopelessly blurred, if not eliminated altogether.

Gov. Henry McMaster Holds Ceremonial Bill Signing for S.C. Religious Freedom Act

Pope’s Canada Visit Highlights Complex Relationship Between Catholicism and Indigenous Cultures
Pontiff takes part in a lakeside ceremony that incorporates indigenous elements

Extra weight increases health risk in the long run. Fat shaming hurts now.

Few Parents Intend to Have Very Young Children Vaccinated Against Covid
In a new survey, 43 percent of parents of children ages 6 months through 4 years said they would refuse the shots for their kids. An additional 27 percent were uncertain.

Diana Kennedy, Authority on Mexican Cooking, Dies at 99
Her books taught Americans about the regional nature of the cuisine. Also: “There is always someone who wants to know how to clean an iguana, so why not?”

Diana Kennedy’s Complicated Relationship With Mexican Cuisine
The brilliant and opinionated author, who died on Sunday, chronicled the recipes and culinary traditions of Mexico. Our critic considers her legacy.

California’s Worst Drought on Record Spells Trouble for Classic Green Lawns
Officials crack down on the gallons needed for the archetypal Southern California yard, sending out ‘water cops’ to check; ‘My kids are asking me, what is going wrong with this grass?’

Flash Floods Swamp St. Louis Area, Breaking a Century-Old Rain Record

Is California ready for ‘human composting’ as an alternative to casket burial, cremation?

Meet Freya, the 1,300-pound walrus capturing hearts, sinking boats and irking mariners

Russia says it is leaving the International Space Station program. What does that mean?

Column: Book-banning is on the rise, as part of the far-right’s assault on democracy

U.S. Authors Dominate Booker Prize Nominees
Six of the 13 writers in contention for the prestigious British literary award are from the United States, with novelists from Britain, Ireland and Zimbabwe also on the list.

The Big, Bold Life of the Woman Who Brought Us the ‘It Girl’
Hilary A. Hallett’s “Inventing the It Girl” tells the story of the early Hollywood pioneer Elinor Glyn.

The Case of the $5,000 Springsteen Tickets
Triumphant fans showed up in Ticketmaster’s queue with special codes, only to encounter its “dynamic pricing” system. Was the Boss OK with that?

Column: Once again, Joni Mitchell gives us all a reason to live

What Is Beyoncé’s Definitive Album?
With the superstar’s seventh solo studio album, “Renaissance,” due Friday, our critics and reporters debate which work from her past reveals the most about her artistic vision.

Michael Henderson, Funk Bassist Turned Crooner, Dies at 71
He was a sideman with Stevie Wonder and Miles Davis before embarking on a successful second career as a singer of soulful, romantic ballads.

Study Shows More Disability Stories Onscreen, but Few Disabled Actors
The study published Wednesday also showed that television is far behind film when it comes to representation of characters with disabilities.

Rediscovering Australia’s Generation of Defiant Female Directors
Gillian Armstrong, Jane Campion, Essie Coffey and others had waited years to tell their stories, as a Museum of the Moving Image series shows.

Cineworld Pulls ‘The Lady Of Heaven’ From UK Theaters Following Protests

'Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' storms into Comic-Con with 'serious' dwarves, epic trailer

Review: Scottish documentary ‘My Old School’ unravels bizarre 1993 events

By the power of Grayskull! Dolph Lundgren, William Shatner celebrate He-Man's 40th at Comic-Con

Review: Cutesy and comic ‘DC League of Super-Pets’ spins superhero lore

Every Hollywood studio passed on ‘Bull Durham’ twice. How it got made anyway

Superballs, helmet cars and ugly sweaters: Peyton Manning brings out NFL’s goofy side

Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira announce new 'Walking Dead' series at Comic-Con as original nears end

Sail to Westeros on the 'Game of Thrones' cruise

Why New York art galleries are flocking to Los Angeles — and how it’s altering the art scene

Black Portraits Get New Names, and a New Show
Glyn Philpot’s sensitive portraits of Black subjects, unusual for the early 20th century, were given updated titles — and consideration — for a recent exhibition in England.

Edward Feiner, 75, Dies; Revolutionized Look of Federal Buildings
As the government’s chief architect, he prioritized good design in the construction of hundreds of courthouses and office buildings.

Hungry Eye
The People in the Work of Leonid Steele—Thoughts of Ukraine

Kathryn Woodman Leighton
1875 – 1952

George Carlson: The American West (October 2021)
A stunning new book celebrates the life and work of artist George Carlson

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