Friday, July 29, 2022

Daily Headlines for July 29, 2022

These Rape Victims Had to Sue to Get the Police to Investigate
As more women come forward to report sexual assault, some say law enforcement has failed them. ‘There was no collection of evidence,’ one victim said. ‘Except off my body.’

The Hunt Is On for ‘War Trophies’ in Ukraine
Collectors across the country are seeking pieces of shrapnel, bits of bombs and even the uniforms of dead Russians. It’s part of an urge to feel more directly connected to the cause.

4,000 Mistreated Beagles Need Homes. These Folks Are Stepping Up.
The dogs were headed for testing labs and didn’t even have names or know how to play. Volunteers are introducing them to grassy yards and cuddly movie nights for the first time.

Woman who says she’s Charles Manson’s sister withdraws from dispute over his estate

How Los Angeles Times Handled Exposé Becomes the Talk of the Town
A book by a reporter from the newspaper has ignited debate about the way editors dealt with an explosive article he helped write in 2017.

Sheila Rayam Is Named Executive Editor of The Buffalo News
Ms. Rayam, 55, the first Black journalist to lead the paper, will take over as its community still reels from one of the deadliest racist massacres in recent American history.

Newsmax renews deal to be carried by Verizon’s Fios, days before rival OAN is to be dropped.
Both Newsmax and OAN are known for their loyalty to Donald Trump, and for serving as platforms for his debunked claims of rampant voter fraud in 2020.

Shut Down by the Kremlin, Independent Russian Media Regroup Abroad
News outlets forced to close since Russia invaded Ukraine are soldiering on in exile

Tim Giago, Native American Newspaperman, Is Dead at 88
The founder of the first independent American Indian newspaper braved gunshots and firebombs to provide an unvarnished look at life on the reservation.

Comcast Fails to Gain Broadband Subscribers for First Time
Cable company posted higher revenue in second quarter, boosted by movie-studio and theme-park businesses

DeepMind AI Lab Predicts Structure of Most Proteins
Alphabet unit explains 3-D structures of 214 million molecules, likely quickening drug discovery

DeepMind research cracks structure of almost every known protein
Breakthrough by Alphabet-owned AI company will significantly reduce time required to make biological discoveries

Rival Chip Makers Brag About Having the Tiniest Products, but Who Can Tell?
Intel, Samsung and TSMC talk big about how many transistors they can cram on a teeny chip, but the advertised sizing makes little sense

Intel Posts Sharp Drop in Sales, Issues Muted Outlook
Revenue decline is the chip maker’s biggest in more than a decade

Instagram rolls back some product changes after user backlash.
Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian were among the upset users who said the updates made the app too much like TikTok.

California Politics: Democrats love unions, except when their staffers want to join one

Trader Joe’s workers at a Massachusetts store form a union, a milestone in the chain.
It is the only one of the company’s more than 500 stores with a formal union, but similar moves are afoot elsewhere.

Cardinals remove Kyler Murray’s independent-study addendum

Hollywood has a hiring problem. Can a new crop of apps help?

‘Profit From the Source’ Review: Consider the Supplier
A new study argues that, in an age of supply-chain volatility, companies should put procurement at the center of corporate strategy.

The Word of the Year Is ‘Uncertainty’
Did tech win the pandemic or not? We likely won’t be able to tell for a while.

Meta/Alphabet: falling ad sales will ramp up pressure on side hustles
Side ventures are gobbling up plateauing profits from the core businesses

Mark Zuckerberg’s Bid to Reinvent Facebook Parent Meta Hits Early Snags
Tech giant confronts challenges from slowing sales, TikTok competition and some users' discontent

Meta’s existential risks mount
Can Zuckerberg pull off two business transitions at once?

Twitter ‘rudderless’ as Musk saga hurts advertising business
Legal battle to enforce $44bn sale has exacerbated tensions between leadership and staff

Amazon Posts Net Loss for the Second Straight Quarter as It Manages Slower Demand
Results also hurt by investment in electric-vehicle maker Rivian, but cloud-computing growth remains strong

Apple iPhone Sales Remain Resilient as Company Reports 11% Decline in Profit
Chief Executive Tim Cook says there isn’t ‘obvious evidence’ that macroeconomic factors are affecting smartphone sales

Jack Ma Plans to Cede Control of Ant Group
The shift, long under consideration to reduce governance risks, comes as the Chinese fintech giant seeks to move on from a tough year

Will Anyone Hold Daniel Snyder Accountable?
Snyder, the Washington Commanders’ owner, finally appeared before a congressional committee investigating his team’s workplace culture. But he did it remotely, and without the spotlight of live TV.

Instacart Aims to Go Public Before Year’s End, Defying a Frozen IPO Market
Grocery-delivery company generated a net profit in second quarter, source says

FTC sues Meta to block acquisition of VR fitness app maker Within
US regulator’s lawsuit is the first direct shot at a Big Tech deal under chair Lina Khan

F.T.C. Chair Upends Antitrust Standards With Meta Lawsuit
Lina Khan may set off a shift in how Washington regulates competition by filing cases in tech areas before they mature. She faces an uphill climb.

Trump has never been patriotic or defensible. It shouldn't take a coup to figure that out.
Ever since he smeared immigrants and belittled John McCain, Trump has been showing us he's unfit. He showed it again Tuesday. The mystery is why most Republicans pretend not to notice.

Column: Donald Trump is dangerously close to proving that presidents are above the law

L.A. City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas sues City Hall, seeking to restore his pay

West Virginia Punishes Banks That It Says Don’t Support Coal
The move to exclude the institutions from state business is part of a growing effort by Republican officials to shut out companies that are backing away from fossil fuels.

The 20-Year Experiment Holding America Back
As the economy struggles with inflation and now a recession, it’s time to curtail the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

How to Find Out Who You Are

Cancel culture came for Clarence Thomas at George Washington law. Now, he's stepped aside.
The removal of Justice Thomas from the list of lecturers followed a campaign that demanded that the university ban him from any classrooms.

How eight school buses are helping during power shortages: They’re transporting electrons

‘It’s our bridge’: A night of selfies, Modelos, cops, dogs and a cat on the 6th Street Viaduct

Los Angeles Enjoys Its New Bridge a Little Too Much
The long-awaited Sixth Street Viaduct has proved to be irresistible to pedestrians and neighborhood residents — but also graffiti artists and exhibitionist drivers.

Editorial: Close the 6th Street bridge to cars

England’s Coastal Villages Are Quaint and Charming. Second Home-Owners Are Taking the Bait.
These communities are seeing major house-price growth as out-of-towners flock to Britain's coast—but not everybody is benefiting from the surge in demand

In the New Mexico Wilderness, a Survivalist Compound Asks $30 Million
The 312-acre property, now the most expensive in the state, includes a reinforced-concrete home, multiple backup generators and about 85 yak

Religion Is Dying? Don’t Believe It
Many of the ‘Nones’ aren’t secular; they belong to minority faiths. The problem is how to count them.

Doctors’ new tool to treat homeless people: A medical clinic in a van

To tackle obesity, we must change conditions not people
Expanding waistlines have little to do with individual responsibility, and everything to do with how we live and work

Americans don't choose to be fat. Many live within a 'system they don't control.'

CVS Pharmacy has similar policy to Walgreens, allows pharmacists to deny birth control prescriptions

What to do if CVS, the nation's largest pharmacy, refuses to fill your birth control

An Indiana Doctor Speaks Out on Abortion, and Pays a Price
Dr. Caitlin Bernard, who provided an abortion to a 10-year-old, says doctors shouldn’t be silent. But she finds herself at the center of a post-Roe clash shaking the medical community.

‘It’s Scary’: Gay Men Confront a Health Crisis With Echoes of the Past
Monkeypox has sparked frustration and anxiety among gay and bisexual men in New York, who remember mistakes and discrimination during the early years of the AIDS crisis.

Are these furry creatures to blame for the pandemic? Study finds 'reasonable' origin of COVID

Natalia Dyer, that controversial TikTok and when cosmetic 'advice' backfires

What are Guardian Caps, and why are some NFL players wearing them during training camp?

California drought official quits, blasting Newsom for ‘gut wrenching’ inaction

Amid water restrictions, L.A. residents can get free recycled water for lawns

Climate Change Worsened Britain’s Heat Wave, Scientists Find
Scorchers like the one last week are still unusual, but global warming is making them more likely, and worse when they do strike.

'Not seen the worst of it': At least 8 dead, more missing in eastern Kentucky flooding

8 Dead as Flash Flooding Swamps Parts of Kentucky

5 Classical Music Albums You Can Listen to Right Now
Tania León’s piano music, John Cage’s choral works and Beethoven’s symphonies conducted by Yannick Nézet-Séguin are among recent notable recordings.

Maggie Rogers went and got a Harvard degree – now, she's back with her most 'personal' lyrics yet

The late-night ‘recession’ is here. And it will hit underrepresented voices hardest

Fire of Love film review — volcano love story is one of the year’s best
Sara Dosa brings wit and style to her spectacular profile of French volcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft

How one L.A. restaurant created the ‘perfect fish sandwich’ for Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’

Review: Amazon's time-traveling 'Paper Girls' is a show that takes girls seriously, for once

‘We Met in Virtual Reality’ Review: Home Sweet Home
This innovative documentary tags along with people who are finding happiness in a graphical online world.

‘Medusa’ Review: Liberated Women
This neon-soaked feminist thriller takes aim at Brazil’s evangelical communities by depicting a girl gang that targets sinners.

B.J. Novak and Ashton Kutcher talk ‘Vengeance,’ ‘Punk’d’ and a ‘friend at Davos’

‘Vengeance’ Review: Prescription for Mockery
B.J. Novak directs and stars in this smart, satiric whodunit about a shallow New York writer who gets roped into a plan to investigate and avenge the opioid-overdose death of a former fling in rural Texas

‘Vengeance’ Review: A Dish Best Served With Frito Pie
In this comedic culture-war thriller, B.J. Novak, who wrote and directed, plays an aspiring podcaster chasing a true-crime story in West Texas.

‘Resurrection’ Review: Mother of Fears
A successful single mother encounters a terrifying man from her past in this crazily enjoyable horror movie.

‘Honor Society’ Review: Cutthroat Competition
This movie stars Angourie Rice as a high-school student determined to get into the ‘little school in Cambridge’ and Gaten Matarazzo as one of her high-achieving rivals

‘Not Okay’ Review: Posting Through It
In this social media satire, a young woman desperate to find her purpose executes a heinous hoax.

Neil Patrick Harris calls his 'Uncoupled' character more 'human' than 'delusional' Barney Stinson

‘A Love Song’ Review: When Moving Forward Means Looking Back
Two former childhood friends rekindle their connection in this sweetly hopeful story of romantic longing.

‘Sharp Stick’ Review: The Babysitter’s Schlubs
Lena Dunham’s new movie follows a 26-year-old who methodically gains sexual experience after having an uncomfortable affair.

An Avant-Garde Film That Went for Laughs Instead of Scandal
Nothing controversial: Adolfas Mekas’s “Hallelujah the Hills,” from 1963, is romantic slapstick, with two guys competing for the same young woman.

Photography’s Delightful Obsessives
The Met surveys Bernd and Hilla Becher, who turned Machine Age monuments into alluring collectibles.

How to Decolonize a Museum? Try an Ax.
An ambitious survey of the life and art of Raphael Montañez Ortiz is at El Museo del Barrio. His work still feels subversive more than half a century after he founded the museum.

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