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Daily Headlines for July 21, 2022

Column: He surveyed 8,600 Americans about political violence. The results are beyond scary

What happened to growing old disgracefully?
ABBA’s digital avatars are the latest sign of our obsession with staying young forever

Why More People Are Dating Without Drinking
Hope for a more authentic connection is driving the rise in sober dates, especially among younger single adults

We told our wedding guests about gay marriage inequality. We thought it was in the past.
It never occurred to us that the same-sex marriage rights we won less than five years before our nuptials might be back on the chopping block before our fifth wedding anniversary.

The creator of Mookie Betts’ viral T-shirt has a message for Black and Latino L.A.

Quidditch Becomes ‘Quadball,’ Leaving J.K. Rowling Behind
Citing trademark concerns and objections to the author’s views on transgender issues, the sport’s leading groups officially distanced themselves from their “Harry Potter” roots.

Swahili, Pan-Africanism and the Practice of Freedom: A Language of Liberation, Community and Culture – Part 1

Hundreds Attend Bill Pickett Rodeo

We May Never See Another Skater Like Yuzuru Hanyu
The Japanese skater retired from competition with two Olympic gold medals, two world championship gold medals and more stuffed Winnie the Pooh bears than anyone can count.

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen gives up crown
Norwegian ‘not motivated to play another match’ after more than a decade at the top

Magnus Carlsen Is Giving Up His World Title. Replacing Him Won’t Be Easy.
The decision by the world’s best player to surrender his title means the game will have a new champion. But taking the crown is not the same as beating the man.

Reporter Says Taliban Forced Her to Publicly Retract Accurate Articles
A veteran war reporter in Afghanistan was told she would go to jail if she didn’t tweet an apology for her reporting. She has since safely left the country.

Keeping the Hippie Dream Alive
Sound baths, cannabis prayers and sunset howls: DoubleBlind, a California media company, tries to revive the psychedelic spirit for a new generation.

Tavis Smiley Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of KBLA Talk 1580 in L.A.

Why Can We Only Be Honest When We’re Anonymous?
NGL, a new anonymous-messaging platform, taps into our worst instincts.

Security Chiefs Warn Bloated Cyber Market Must Learn to Work Together
Products must be able to communicate with each other if vendors want business in the future, cybersecurity executives say

Generation moonshot: why young investors are not ready to give up on risk
Even amid a meltdown in crypto markets, DIY traders who came of age after the financial crisis no longer want to play by the old rules

How to Spot Fake Reviews and Shady Ratings on Amazon
Sort by most recent reviews, check if older reviews were for completely different products and search for red flags such as ‘gift’ or ‘free’

America’s Safety Net for Workers Hurt by Globalization Is Falling Apart
A 60-year-old program that provides retraining to workers whose jobs are eliminated because of foreign competition has expired, leaving many at risk.

Labour shortage threatens Australia’s post-pandemic resurgence
Unemployment has hit a near 50-year low but companies are struggling to find workers

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred rejects the notion that minor leaguers aren't paid a living wage

Strike by Hilton Bayfront hotel workers comes to a halt late Wednesday as Comic-Con starts

Protesting Truckers Pledge Extended Blockade of Port of Oakland
Drivers who have brought the port to a virtual standstill say they will maintain their protest until they can talk to California’s governor about the state’s new ‘gig economy’ law

Staffers at Book Publisher HarperCollins Strike Over Contract
Work stoppage follows breakdown of negotiations between company and union representing 250 employees

HarperCollins Workers Strike For Increased Wages, Benefits and Diversity
The one-day action, unionized employees said, was intended to draw attention to core problems with the publishing industry.

Chipotle closes a Maine store, and workers say it’s because of a union drive.
The shutdown was announced hours before a hearing on a possible vote to unionize the location, which employees said was understaffed.

To Find Your Next Job, Ditch the Online Resume Portal
Companies and candidates frustrated by online applications are reverting to in-person meetings—or simulating face-to-face introductions in the metaverse

Parents Pile Into Work Conferences to Escape Their Families
Professional gatherings are the new vacations for moms and dads who spent the pandemic catering to children: sightseeing, fancy meals, Tom Cruise movie

Finding a Good Plumber Is a Heavy Lift
Bill Poland, 83, is one of the few I know who answer the phone.

Dispatches From the Depths of Lost-Luggage Limbo
Flight delays, cancellations and long airport lines have nothing on baggage woes this summer, especially for travel to and from Europe; passengers are going weeks or more without receiving their bags

Aviation sector needs to give up the blame game
To avoid future disruption, the industry and passengers will have to pay the true cost of flying

Who Will Make Apple Fashionable Now?
With the metaverse looming, a shift in designer could make a big difference.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Mattel Team Up on Toys With Space Theme
Toy company will start selling the products under its Matchbox brand next year

EBONY Media Group’s Eden Bridgman Sklenar Announced CEO

Bad cops deserve to be exposed. Police must stop dodging information requests.
Our View: The Citizens Police Data Project is an example that all states should follow. It provides details that can shed light on problem officers.

Oregon voters to decide on one of the nation’s strictest gun control proposals

Lawmakers Move to Clarify Vice President’s Role in Certifying Presidential Election Results
Proposal by bipartisan group comes after Trump pressured Pence to block 2020 outcome

Deadly Racist “Replacement Theory” Serves Capitalist Interests

Anti-Abortion Laws: More Fascist Attacks on the Working Class

Deaths of Migrants Are Part of the Bosses’ Plan. Our Plan: Smash All Borders with Communist Revolution

Column: Why the jury is stacked against the Parkland shooter — and why you should care

Twitter Worker Accused of Spying for Saudi Arabia Heads to Trial
The case showed the intensity of the kingdom’s interest in tracking dissidents, and the timing this week is fraught for U.S.-Saudi relations.

U.S. expanding list of ‘corrupt’ officials in Central America

Reformists Betray the Rebelling Ecuadorian Masses

Remembering Our Comrades

After Roe, Sex Ed Is Even More Vital

In Argentina, One of the World’s First Bans on Gender-Neutral Language
The city of Buenos Aires blocked the use of gender-inclusive language in schools, reigniting off a debate that is reverberating across the world.

To get their degrees, Mexico’s medical students practice medicine at gunpoint

History made: Bruce’s Beach has been returned to descendants of Black family

Bonta Takes Action to Protect Renters From Unlawful Evictions

Knott’s Berry Farm to require weekend chaperones after fights at theme park

Iconic hot dog-shaped stand Tail o’ the Pup makes a comeback

Black’s ‘A.S.K. Workbook’ Helps Believers Receive Directions from God

17 CIA tips on how to think like a spy and stay safe while on vacation

Op-Ed: Yes, please, bring back the mask mandate

Chinese officials apologize for breaking into homes to search for Covid cases.
Community workers in the city of Guangzhou were looking for people who had tested positive for the virus and close contacts of patients.

Post-Lockdown, I’m Learning to Let Go of My Young Adult Kids — Again

Delay as the New Denial: The Latest Republican Tactic to Block Climate Action
The party has largely moved beyond denying the existence of climate change but continues to oppose dramatic action to halt it, worried about the short-term economic consequences.

Highest waves of the summer at SoCal beaches draw surfers, even as officials warn of rip currents

Cherokee tribe pushes to restore original name of Great Smoky Mountains' highest peak

Sea Turtles Found Stabbed in Japan, but Charges Are Unlikely
Despite being endangered, green sea turtles are not protected by the country’s conservation laws. They often get tangled in nets, to the annoyance of fishermen.

Review: Millennial angst, vacuum-packed, in debut stories after Sally Rooney’s dark heart

Cinema Bar’s open mic revival proves to be a hit

Rosy Nolan brings her old time country to the Cinema Bar

Bad Bunny Holds at No. 1, With a Surprise Brent Faiyaz LP Close Behind
The Puerto Rican superstar earns his fifth week at the top, but “Wasteland,” an unexpected drop from the Maryland R&B singer, made a statement.

William Hart, Driving Force Behind the Delfonics, Dies at 77
With hits like “La-La (Means I Love You)” and “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time),” his group pioneered the soulful Philadelphia sound.

BHERC African American Film Marketplace Returns with Hybrid Format

For a Revered Art House Cinema, a Season of Off Screen Turmoil
The Jacob Burns Film Center in Westchester, a celebrated venue that enjoys backing from cinema’s A-list, has been roiled by the dismissal of one of its original leaders who was accused of bullying behavior.

‘Desus & Mero’ Late-Night Show Ends After Four Seasons
Showtime said that the Bronx-bred hosts were “pursuing separate creative endeavors” after the duo collaborated on television shows, podcasts and a book.

'Nope' review: Jordan Peele takes UFOs for a successful spin with Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer

Review: Say yup to Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope,’ the rare thriller Hollywood can look up to

Check out the exclusive new trailer for Rob Zombie's groovy (and PG!) 'The Munsters'

Inside the animation process for ‘Marcel the Shell’s’ big screen glow up

Paul Newman's torched tapes reveal his real love with Joanne Woodward in 'The Last Movie Stars'

How the EU is helping preserve Ukrainian culture during the war
European commissioner Mariya Gabriel says the bloc is supporting artists and boosting the post-Covid sector

Was This the Art Party of the Summer?
O’Flaherty’s, a gallery in the East Village, invited everyone to submit work. Then it held an opening.

Hip-Hop Professor & Producer I AM Augie Ray Showcases First Solo Debut As Visual Artist

Spanish Authorities Seize a ‘Contraband’ Picasso at Ibiza Airport
Investigators said they found a 1966 work called “Trois Personnages” when they searched a passenger’s luggage.

‘Rodin in the United States: Confronting the Modern’ Review: A Sculptor’s Story Seen From a New Angle
At the Clark Art Institute, an exhibition reveals the ways the creator of ‘The Thinker’ and other iconic works was embraced by American collectors and museums

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