Sunday, July 24, 2022

Daily Headlines for July 24, 2022

We Are Living Through the Worst Eighties Reboot: Cold War Dread Is Back
Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is bringing back dark memories of the nuclear age — for the MTV generation, it’s a nightmare that never went away

Op-Ed: Friendship bracelets gave meaning to my childhood in a way my kids will never know

Florida’s oddball criminals meet their match — in Florida’s eccentric sheriffs

Aerospace engineer and Black WWII veteran falsely labeled a mutineer dies at 101

Black surfers find moments of reflection, rejuvenation at ‘A Great Day in the Stoke’

The amazons of Dahomey: Legend of Benin's fearless female warriors
Remember the Dora Milaje, the special forces unit of the blockbuster movie Black Panther?

World Cup ticket collectors savor treasure hunt as they fight for authentic memorabilia

What's All the Racket About Pickleball? Everything You Need to Know About the Growing Sport
The sport has been sprouting like a cucumber vine, growing an average of 11.5 percent a year since 2017 to reach 4.8 million picklers in the U.S.

Inside hate5six, the YouTube Channel That’s Bringing Hardcore to the Masses
Sunny Singh has singlehandedly built one of the web’s key archives of live-music footage, fending off everything from flying limbs to racist attacks in the process

You’re a Star on!
“It feels like 2007 again.”

On the hunt for his next sports-card score (July 2021)
He used to clean swimming pools. Now he buys and sells trading cards. But as the market cools, how long can he stay in the game?

Palestinian Journalist Killed For Exposing Occupation

Could BeReal Be a Real Turning Point for Social Media?

Exclusive: Where’s Kevin? The Secret Home of the LA Times’s New Editor
The location of Kevin Merida’s LA home has long been a mystery. Turns out he lives in a Brentwood guesthouse right across the street from the boss.

How 'Baby Al Capone' Pulled Off a $24 Million Crypto Heist
Ellis Pinsky was a regular suburban teenager until he found his way into the underworld of internet hackers. In his first interview, he details the crime that nearly ruined his life

How Can We Unionize Amazon Everywhere?

Fired for Organizing: Starbucks Ramps Up Union Busting

Unionizing Workers Should Fight Against Sexual Assault and Harassment in the Workplace

More evidence that bosses want you back to work in the office despite COVID’s endless grip

The Dark Money Behind Abortion Bans
Are big corporations really pro-women? Their massive contributions to anti-abortion state lawmakers prove otherwise.

Inside the battle for control of a legendary music club — and the soul of a high desert town

Editorial: Trump should be charged for crimes against the United States

Trump, Johnson, Morrison: is the era of shameless leaders behind us at last?
Can we call that epoch over? And do we dare – like Lot’s wife – look back at it, that crumbling Sodom, and try to work out what it meant?

Why a ‘spider crab’ is crawling to the top of a US ‘I voted’ sticker contest
Voters in Ulster county, New York, may receive a sticker of Hudson Rowan’s design this November – and many say it’s ‘a fitting image’ of the political scene

How Do We Defend Abortion Rights?

On Juneteenth, Don’t Just Commemorate – Recommit to Mass Revolt Against Racial Oppression!

The Prolific Activism of Urvashi Vaid
Vaid, a legendary organizer in the L.G.B.T.Q. movement, had an unerring sense of injustice and the overwhelming need to redress it.

In the vastness of the Inland Empire, people of color find ‘peace in these troubled times’

Metropolis meltdown: the urgent steps we need to take to cool our sweltering cities
All over the world, temperatures in urban areas are rocketing. What can we do? Axe air-con, whitewash roofs, unleash buried rivers – and try to be a bit more like Norwich

Valley Relics’ top ‘relic’ is a guy named Tommy who’s got the Valley in his veins
Museum founder and history buff Tommy Gelinas is saving San Fernando Valley's culture find by find

‘It’s a beautiful thing’: how one Paris district rediscovered conviviality
It started with an organised ‘bonjour’. Now the ‘republic of good neighbours’ say they want to reclaim the streets

Irv’s Burgers was so beloved that fans signed up to work there. It’s finally back

Our 2022 Gold Award winner is Meals by Genet

Log jam: Vancouver wants its beloved beach logs back, but officials are wary
Neat lines of driftwood, locked up in ‘log jail’ during the pandemic, have reappeared but are not as plentiful as before

Italy: proposal for statue of first woman to get PhD sparks debate (January 2022)
Statue of Elena Cornaro Piscopia could go up in square in Padua that contains 78 statues all dedicated to men

LA's first pro-Black pop culture and collectibles store in Carson (January 2021)

Hollywood’s Latest Kitschy Theme Bar Is a Wonky Ode to All Things Tim Burton (May 2017)
Beetle House brings in crowds and costumes, but not everyone’s happy

A Brief History Of L.A.'s Billboard Art (December 2012)

Students Walk Out to Defend Roe!

Pope’s Indigenous tour signals a rethinking of church’s mission legacy

Am I Normal? by Sarah Chaney review – it’s OK to be strange
An examination of the 200-year-old history of the notion of ‘normal’ and its power to alienate and oppress

Planet Hunger: Inside the Global Food Crisis
Putin — and greedy CEOs — are already putting 20 million people on the brink of starvation. If we don’t make big changes now, we will face mass food shortages

8 SoCal tide pools to view magical sea life this weekend

‘We haven’t been given the money to get it right’: why so much of the UK is rubbish at recycling
Despite our commitment to sustainable living, domestic recycling is getting worse. Who – or what – is to blame?

1,000 Dogs Are Put Down Every Day. These Trainers Are Trying to Save Them
Even when dogs are rescued from puppy mills and wretched circumstances, the abuse they've suffered leaves them so damaged that few are adopted. An ASPCA team of dog rescuers is pioneering a new model that's proving virtually all of those dogs can be saved

Op-Ed: What game theory can tell us about the war in Ukraine

Journey to the mystery planet: why Uranus is the new target for space exploration
The last time a probe visited the distant ice giant was in 1986, yet learning more about this cold world could tell us a lot about the galaxy

Origin site of oldest Martian meteorite ‘Black Beauty’ named after WA mining town
Researchers used AI to pinpoint the meteorite’s crater on Mars’ southern hemisphere, naming it Karratha, a city close to the Pilbara region

Review: What are books for? A novelist goes beyond the hot takes

‘Minding my people’s business’: An acclaimed Sudanese American poet makes a home in L.A.

Review: A Times reporter broke a major USC scandal. The real challenge: getting it published

That syncing feeling: how Stranger Things supercharged the music industry
The chart success of first Kate Bush and now Metallica thanks to ‘syncs’ in Stranger Things shows how TV shows and TikTok are increasingly crucial for heritage acts

TikTok Is Testing Ground for New Singles — Why Labels Love It (and Some Artists & Writers Don’t)
With labels increasingly trying out unreleased songs on the platform, producers, songwriters and even artists are saying it's bad for business.

Songwriters Charge New Fees to Survive — But Asking Is Risky
They write the songs. Now, they're increasingly seeking new forms of payment to offset streaming's drag on publishing royalties.

Why Is Vinyl Getting So Expensive?
Supply chain problems and rising costs continue to plague pressing plants, labels and retailers — but CDs may be a stopgap.

Tipping Point: Concert Merch Vendors Are Making Bank — and Not Everyone Is Happy
"This is the hot-button issue right now in the tour merch world," says one exec.

Battle for Los Angeles Minifest Market Heats Up Between Live Nation and AEG
At the center of the minifestival melee is Jeff Shuman, former talent buyer at Goldenvoice before taking his talents (and multiple festival brands) to Live Nation.

Chinese Streamers Duke It Out Over ‘Unfair Competition’ and Copyright Violations
NetEase Cloud Music sues rival Tencent Music Entertainment for unfair competition. TME fires back with allegations of its own.

Op-Ed: An ode to Philly soul: La-la means more than ‘I love you’

How Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra Turned Its Eurovision-Winning Track Into an Anti-War Anthem
"Ukrainians are now united as never before, and each of us is making every effort to defeat the enemy."

‘Bright Energy, Rather Than Sadness’: South Korea’s Best Indie Band, Say Sue Me, Opens Up
Busan group talks about the creative leap behind their latest album, The Last Thing Left

Inside a Superfan's Secret Friendship With Eddie Van Halen
Over the last five years of his life, the rock icon had a clandestine correspondence with a former music journalist, spilling gossip, gripes, hopes, fears — and revealing himself like never before

Stephen Stills Sells Catalog to Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group in Expansive Deal
The Crosby, Stills & Nash legend has sold controlling interest of his intellectual property to Azoff's Iconic -- and the pair have big plans.

From Coachella to Pinky's Bar, Alex Rodriguez's Record Safari Never Stops

An Endless Supply of Spider-Men: Why the Multiverse Is Taking Over Hollywood
Multiple worlds are a boon to storytellers — and a comforting thought as ours goes to hell

TV rarely gets childbirth right. After Roe, the gory truth matters more than ever

50 Greatest Superhero Movies of All Time
From the campy to the grimdark, the dark knights of Gotham City to the defenders of Wakanda — these are the best superhero films to ever pow, zap, and websling to a theater near you

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