Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Daily Headlines for July 26, 2022

The Email No Parents Want to Get This Summer: Camp Is Canceled
Camps are dealing with rising Covid-19 cases as the BA.5 Omicron subvariant circulates

As Ukraine Signs Up Soldiers, Questions Arise About How It Chooses
Recruiters approach young men on the street, but the standards are not always clear and there are reports of unwilling men being signed up while some eager to fight are turned away.

Smuggling Migrants at the Border Now a Billion-Dollar Business
With demand for smugglers on the rise, organized crime has moved in, with cruel and violent results.

Sixth Teenager Charged in Central Park Jogger Case Is Exonerated
Steven Lopez had a robbery charge linked to the 1989 attack cleared from his record.

Wanted: Star power, rivalries, villains. Track races to grow in popularity in the United States.
With nearly 2,000 athletes participating in the first track and field world championships in the U.S. and 33 medals from Americans, why wasn't there more interest in the States?

Roland Martin believes in Black-owned media, and he’s using his own money to prove it

How an Associated Press reporter broke the Tuskegee syphilis story

CEO Buys 3BlackDot, Making It One of the Few Black-Owned Media Companies
Business now owned by Reginald Cash is focused on videogamers and helps brands market themselves to underrepresented communities

Meta to Let Facebook Creators Earn Money for Videos With Music
Revenue-sharing feature is social-media platform’s latest move to combat rival TikTok

Sandy Hook Parents to Testify Against Alex Jones, and a Culture of Lies
The families of 10 victims have waited years to hold the Infowars conspiracist and the political environment that enabled him to account.

How much will Alex Jones pay? Trial begins after judge ruled he defamed Sandy Hook parents

Keith Olbermann Tries His Hand at Podcasting
‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann,’ on iHeartMedia, to include mix of political and sports commentary

Stray Takes a Cat’s Eye View of Cyberpunk Dystopia

Your Home Address and Other Personal Info Are a Search Away. Here’s What to Do About It.
Data that personally identifies you can pop up on Google and other sites, but with some basic steps and a little persistence, you can hide or remove a lot of it

Scam victims face betrayal if online safety bill is revisited
The psychological and financial costs of fraud is immense and tech companies must take responsibility

You can get free broadband in L.A. if you’re a lower-income consumer. Here’s what to ask for

TVs Are Too Good Now
Why does Home Alone look better than the latest Marvel fare on the most advanced displays?

The Cloud Isn’t Recession Proof
Amazon, Microsoft and Google’s cloud businesses offset more challenged segments but aren’t immune to a slowing economy

Crypto Firms Make Thieving Hackers an Offer: Keep a Little, Give Back the Rest
The payouts occasionally recover most of the loot and are then labelled ‘bug bounties.’ But that designation has incensed white-hat hackers, who say it conflates them with their criminal counterparts

‘I’m Always Worrying’: The Emotional Toll of Financial Stress
Experts share tips on how to feel empowered and manage stress as prices continue to rise.

In another pandemic fallout, used-car prices are way up, and the repo man is back

Henan protests highlight concerns over China’s rural banking sector
Frauds reveal problems with deposit insurance and the complicity of local regulators

Bipartisan Bill to Regulate Stablecoin Is Delayed for at Least Several Weeks
Lawmakers continue to negotiate deal, but unable to complete work ahead of August break

Exploitation of migrants is rising as care homes struggle to fill jobs
Chronic underfunding of the sector has led to recruitment problems and mistreatment of workers

Nebraska rail workers rally, say: ‘No contract, no peace’

Port of Oakland Reopens as Trucker Blockade Ends
With protesters limited to ‘free-speech zones,’ companies focus on clearing a big backlog of import and export containers

Job Switchers Are Earning a Lot More Than Those Who Stay
Even if you’re happy at your job, getting a new job for more pay is a good strategy as inflation eats into paychecks

Calling In Sick or Going on Vacation, Workers Aren’t Showing Up This Summer
Employers struggle with staffing as high Covid-19 infection rates, a longstanding labor shortage and vacation season converge

Is Hybrid Work Killing Remote Summer? Yes, but It Doesn’t Have To.
Some companies carve out weeks for remote work to keep employees happy 

From Flight Attendant to Funeral Planner: New Beginnings in the Covid Era
The pandemic upended careers in Hong Kong and around the world, forcing or inspiring people to make radical changes in their lives.

Tremor International to Buy Adtech Firm Amobee for $239 Million
Amobee parent Singtel said last year it was reviewing its investments after the pandemic hurt performance

U.S. Investigations Hastened McMahon Retirement From WWE, Sources Say
Media company to revise financial statements to reflect hush-money payments

Why former Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops says his return to XFL 'was an easy decision'

Wisconsin disabled voters file federal lawsuit over ballots

The Dystopian Myths of Red America

Congress Should Codify Same-Sex Marriage
A measure to ensure American families are never torn asunder.

QAnon Candidates Aren’t Thriving, but Some of Their Ideas Are
While few with ties to the conspiracy theory are winning their primaries, themes pushed by QAnon followers have become Republican talking points.

How Democrats Bolstered the Post-Roe Enforcement Regime

What Will Chris Smalls Do Next?
He did the impossible: Unionize an Amazon warehouse. Then the hard part began.

Tunisians Vote on Constitution That Could Threaten Their Democracy
The new charter would enshrine into law a vast expansion of executive power under President Kais Saied in the past year.

Myanmar Executes Four Pro-Democracy Activists, Defying Foreign Leaders
They were the country’s first executions in more than 30 years. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the ousted civilian leader who was detained during last year’s coup, remains in prison.

Myanmar Executes Four Men, Including Two Prominent Democracy Activists
The executions are believed to be the first in the country in decades as the military junta seeks to crush opposition to its rule since the 2021 coup

World condemns Myanmar junta for 'cruel' execution of activists

David Trimble, Peace Prize Winner in Ulster Strife, Dies at 77
A onetime Protestant firebrand, he surprised adversaries when he helped broker peace in Northern Ireland with the Good Friday pact of 1998.

How Professor Maynard Burned Down
The criminologist on trial for serial arson.

UC and CSU campuses to provide cheap abortion pills amid California’s post-Roe push

The Jackie Robinson Museum Is About a Lot More Than Baseball
Robinson accomplished a great deal on the field, but a museum celebrating his life — that will have a ribbon-cutting this week — puts as much focus on his civil rights work.

6th Street Viaduct closed for third consecutive night due to ‘questionable activity’

Redlined neighborhoods are deadly 'heat islands' today

How a skid row store faces the tensions in Black-Korean history — by discussing its bleakest chapters

Tech bros prosper in New York, but won’t overrun it
As a capital of media, advertising and finance, Manhattan is an ideal place to create prop-tech, fintech, ad-tech and more

Rents spike as big-pocketed investors buy mobile home parks

HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman unveils designs of THE LINE in NEOM
THE LINE’s designs are a continuation of NEOM’s progress in the development of its flagship projects such as OXAGON, TROJENA, and ENOWA

In latest reboot, XFL places teams in three new cities for 2023 – including Las Vegas

Constitutional right to freedom of worship is upheld by court

Pope Francis Atones for Catholic Abuse of Indigenous Children in Canada
At site of former school, pontiff apologizes for Christian support of ‘colonizing mentality’

Brooklyn Clergyman Is Robbed While Delivering Sunday Sermon
A trio of armed individuals robbed Lamor M. Whitehead and his wife of  jewelry worth more than $1 million, police said.

Text Your Friends. It Matters More Than You Think.
New research says most of us underestimate the power of the casual check-in.

Americans don't choose to be fat. Many live within a 'system they don't control.'

The Inflamed Brain

'We were on a break!': Dos and don'ts of pausing a relationship

Someone not drinking alcohol? It's none of your business.

Too Many New Yorkers Can’t Swim. It’s Time to Change That.

5 Foam Rolling Exercises for Skeptics
Here’s what to know before adding a foam roller to your warm-up or cool down.

Migraine Treatment Has Come a Long Way
This ‘woman’s disease’ doesn’t get a lot of research funding, but the medical establishment has made strides in developing new drugs and devices to combat migraine over the last five years.

‘Bend and Blaze’: High Yoga Classes Are All the Buzz These Days
‘Inhale and exhale’ takes on a new meaning at yoga studios where you can smoke pot

The World of Synesthesia

Op-Ed: The drought is decimating my farm and many others. What California should do to help us

The Most Fascinating Birds Will Be the First to Go Extinct
The biodiversity crisis will most directly affect distinctive members of the avian family. Get ready for a world that “is really simple and brown and boring.”

Florida manatees face starvation, though fewer have died this year

These Fins Were Made for Walking … and Then Swimming
Around 375 million years ago, a giant fish evolved limbs for walking. But some of its descendants reversed course on the evolutionary road, becoming swimmers again.

They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes: The Ocean Was Glowing.
Satellites previously detected a giant bioluminescent bloom in the Java Sea. Researchers found a boat crew that sailed through it.

Reaching Closer to Earth’s Core, One Lava Scoop at a Time
A 2021 eruption in Iceland gave researchers rare and illuminating access to the mantle, one of the Earth’s layers.

In Robert Lowell’s ‘Memoirs,’ Mental Illness, Creative Friends and a Takedown of Dad
The poet’s memoirs are “densely yet nimbly written, and you sense Lowell’s judgment and discrimination in every paragraph,” our critic says.

U.K., Eurovision Runner-up to Ukraine, Will Host Song Contest in 2023

Stalwart acts dominate headline slots at Latitude Festival
Star turns at the Suffolk event included Foals and Snow Patrol — so is it time for newer faces to shine?

Maggie Rogers’s Higher Calling
Musicians often talk about seeking the divine in their work. The 28-year-old singer-songwriter went to Harvard to study it as she made her second major-label album, “Surrender.”

Doechii to the Front of the Class
The rapper from Tampa is about to be everywhere.

‘Entering Heaven Alive’ Review: Jack White Gets Quiet
On his second album of the year, the former White Stripes frontman goes mostly unplugged for a somewhat stiff and sleepy record of singer-songwriter material.

Conductor Dies After Collapsing During Performance in Munich
Stefan Soltesz was in the middle of Richard Strauss’s “The Silent Woman” when he fell from his podium shortly before the end of the first act.

These classic TV shows aren't streaming anywhere, and we're losing our history

Marvel releases first 'Black Panther 2' trailer, reveals two 'Avengers' movies at Comic-Con

Zachary Levi unveils 'Shazam 2' trailer at Comic-Con, Dwayne Johnson goes full 'Black Adam'

Tanya Kersey, founder of the Hollywood Black Film Festival, dies at 61

David Warner, Actor Who Played Villains and More, Dies at 80
He seemed destined for a major stage career but by the early 1970s was focused on film and TV. His credits included “TRON,” “Titanic” and hundreds more.

Rebel director Bob Rafelson dies at 89: ‘He never wanted to be part of the crowd’

Punk rock venue California Institute of Abnormal Arts shuts its doors after 30 years

Beeple’s Post-NFT Chapter
The digital artist made a pile of money on NFTs before the crypto market crashed. Now he has his eyes on the art world.

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