Monday, January 13, 2003

Technofetishism XXVI
Much to my disappointment, Eudora 5.1 has a profanity filter. In folksy language, it cautions you against transmitting emails that may cause your keyboard to get washed out with soap, and even if you select Send Anyway, it doesn't send the email. What the heck? Checking my Eudora settings, there's a Mood Watch option that defaults to warning you if a message might be offensive -- and delays its sending even if you choose to forge ahead regardless. I changed my settings so I'm still warned -- in this instance I changed "shit" to "shiite" to skirt the filter -- but not delayed if I opt to transmit anyway. More than a year ago, Charles Moore asked whether Mood Watch was annoying or entertaining. This afternoon, I was annoyed. Debit, Eudora. Debit.

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