Thursday, January 16, 2003

Comics and Cuisine
Believe it or not, but Chicago Comics and James Kochalka have teamed up to produce a line of autobiographical hot sauce.

"But don't just place your bottles of Kochalka hot sauce in special glass cases, preserving them as prized collector's items," James says. "It's actually pretty good sauce! I mean, it tastes good! Plus, it brings a little art into your daily life, transforming it from a humdrum 'grind' to an exciting 'zing'! Don't be afraid to use it!"

The sauces come in jalapeño, habañero, garlic, and cayenne flavors, and each bottle features artwork. There's a Spandy sauce, a Don't Trust Whitey sauce, even a Fancy Froglin sauce. The Spandy sauce's label warns that it's "not for cats," and Fancy Froglin suggests that you "squirt some in your britches."

Oh, that James.

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