Monday, January 13, 2003

Corollary: Blogging About Blogging XLIII
Yet again, the folks behind the Bloggies chose not to include photoblogs as a category. So photobloggers are organizing their own photoblog awards, the 2003 Photobloggies. My guess is that photoblogs weren't included because the Bloggies organizers define blogs as pages "with dated entries that have a purpose (in whole or in part) of linking to other sites." Additionally, "sites that are intended to be just personal journals or site news pages are not eligible."

So a blog is just a list of dated links, perhaps with commentary? Seems relatively narrow to me. What if the purpose of your blog isn't solely to point people to other sites? What happens to the short entries organized chronologically part of the definition? Short-sighted, Bloggies. Short-sighted. (Or "-sited," ha hee hum.)

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