Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Digesting the Daily VII
Recent editions of the Daily Northwestern, the student newspaper of my alma mater, featured several media-, technology-, and activism-related items that might be of interest to Media Dieticians.

New EPD device keeps candid camera on criminals
High-tech investment could save city $60,000 spent yearly cleaning graffiti
(Jan. 9, 2003)

"Skankier than last year"
An inter-sorority e-mail newsletter offers candid thoughts on rush
(Jan. 9, 2003)

Evanston considers Web to crack down on parking scofflaws
Program denies city services for unpaid violations; names could be published on Web
(Jan. 10, 2003)

Extra credit to the Daily's Web team for prominently featuring Bottom of the Food Chain online. Alex Thomas is doing one of the best campus comic strips I'm aware of. Not that I read many, but it's good.

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