Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Music to My Ears XXIV
The Rogers Sisters rate so much more than a Soundtrack indicia item and I mostly review local-ish records in this category, so here's an unabashed, "I just got this record, I'm listening to it now, and I love it!" recommendation.

Based in Brooklyn, bandmates Jennifer and Laure Rogers also run the east Williamsburg bar Daddy's. And their band fits right in to the highly hyped scene sound there. Equal parts naive girl garage pop a la the Go-Go's and angular Chicago-style no wave like the Scissor Girls, the band revels in a sparse, sharply punctuated groove. Male member Miyuki Furtado any relation to Nell? -- plays Fred Schneider to the sisters' Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson. Awesome, awesome harmonies abound, particularly in "Song for Freddie."

I fall in love with bands several times a year, it seems. And today? Tonight? I'm in love with the Rogers Sisters. File your Rapture and Radio 4 records and give this disc a spin. You'll fall in love, too.

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