Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Pulling the Plug X
Jacque's Cabaret in Bay Village is in need of Media Dieticians' support. The club's neighbors are trying to get it closed down and have its license revoked. The neighbors do not want a drag club in their neighborhood -- it's been there since Stonewall -- and claim that crime and prostitution is associated with the club. This is something that has come up again and again since the '60s, and people haven't been able to shut it down yet -- let's work so it doesn't happen now. I don't live in Bay Village, but I've been to Jacque's several times, and I don't see a negative impact on the community. The bar's staff makes sure people leave right at closing, and the crowd Jacque's attracts isn't a rowdy lot. They're drag queens. And the people who like them.

Jacque's has also been hosting punk-rock shows for years. It's a great place to hang out, drink cheap beer, see the most talented drag queens in the Northeast, play pinball, and experience life outside mainstream culture. Given it's long-running history and subculture, it'd be a shame to see it shut down. Jacque's closing would be a loss for Boston.

There is a hearing Tuesday, Feb. 4 -- that's today, I'm afraid -- at 6 p.m. about Jacque's license. They could use some support. If you're interested and able, meet at Jacque's Cabaret at 5:30 tonight, or to to the Renaissance Charter School on Stuart Street two blocks from the Arlington T stop. For directions, call 617-426-8902.

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