Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Business Media Reportage Goes Bust, Now Boom? III
Around 4 p.m. yesterday, Fast Company's founding editors, Bill Taylor and Alan Webber, circulated an internal memo announcing that their roles at the magazine were changing and that we're going to be looking for a new editor in chief. The Boston Globe's D.C. Denison and Chris Reidy somehow got a copy of the memo, and in today's paper, there's a story on their job shift. The article quotes directly from the emailed memo, positions the transition within the context of the current economic downturn and changing face of business media, and speculates what might happen next.

I've worked here since July 1997. I was the 17th employee. And it's been an amazing time. Bill and Alan aren't leaving entirely, but some relatively big changes are sure to come. Can't wait to see what this next stage in our evolution and development brings!

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