Tuesday, February 25, 2003

From the In Box: Happy Birthday to Media Dieticians XI
This is just too fun. Media Dieticians are crawling out of the woodwork all around the world!

Here's an embarrassing snapshot of me and Rupert Ravens, designer of the independent Web site for the New Jersey Metro: Montclair CoF group, taken during the 2002 CoF Roadshow event. He just emailed me this with a birthday wish: "Stop smiling!"

My friend in Oregon, Su Yim, says encouragingly, "A premature happy 30th birthday to you! You're getting there before I am." Um, thanks.

Media Dietician Rob Upson says 30 is great "because it's between 29 and 31!" We've got a real math whiz there.

And my colleague Polly Labarre quoth, "I can tell you from experience that it only gets better in your 30's."

Oh, happy day. 30, here I come.

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