Monday, February 24, 2003

On the Blend IV
While I haven't kept up my smoothie every morning plan since December, I do have two or three smoothies for breakfast weekly. And I've been refining the recipe. Stopping my early tofu experiments, I've moved onto vanilla yogurt. There's just something about Stonyfield Farm organic lowfat vanilla yogurt, and I can get through a 32-ounce tub in about a week. Delish! I've also been adding two tablespoons of wheat germ to the smoothies. For the first time this weekend, on Nancy's recommendation, I cut up the bananas I had on hand and put them in little baggies in the freezer. I think that'll cut down on my throwing away of browning bananas, and it means I don't have to add ice cubes to the mix. Frozen bananas are totally the way to go. This morning, I was fresh out of frozen raspberries, so it was a blueberry-only day. Yum, smoothies.

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