Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Music to My Eyes VIII
I just met Erich Thaler, a former member of the now-defunct Boston hard-rock band Stompbox. Now an employee of the Sir Speedy copy shop in the Scotch & Sirloin building, Erich has a degree in music synthesis and used to work for a large-format color printer. We discussed the difference between print production and copy shop work, what it was like to sign with a label in the early '90s, the experience of touring with a band, and the enjoyment inherent in live music.

"For every band that makes it, there are hundreds that got one shot with a label," Erich says. "I know plenty of people who slug it out into their 40's. The music industry is so youth-oriented that they're not going to sign anyone over 20. I need to find a job that'll support me into my 50's, you know?"

Before Stompbox disbanded, they released a couple of 7-inches, put out a self-released record on Wonderdrug (which also included them on a compilation, and put out two albums with a major affiliated with Columbia and Sony. Now Erich works in a copy shop located in a low-traffic part of town. Were it not for the businesses in the Scotch & Sirloin building and across the street toward North Station, the copy shop would probably disband, too.


dover station said...

x Gang Green and x Stompbox members unite for new release. Download the new single, "FIRST NICKEL" BY NUNS OF PUNK. . This ripping track features Erich Thaler of Stompbox with Glen and Chuck Stilphen from the Alcohol / Another Wasted Night-era of Gang Green.

Where are you Erich? Drop me a line. G

Unknown said...

that track(Crackerlung) on the wonderdrug compilation is one of my favorite songs in the world. been trying to puzzle out the lyrics for 20++ years