Monday, February 24, 2003

Magazine Me XXIV
Adbusters is seeking cool hunters:

We're looking for help with an upcoming issue of Adbusters -- we're hunting for images of "cool" from outside American culture. By cool we mean everything that is hot, hip and dripping with brand-power, of course, but we're also digging into the older meaning of cool: the outsider, the honest dissenter, the subversive. If you come across magazines from outside the U.S. and Canada that express either of these meanings of cool, please send them our way (we prefer that you send an entire magazine). If what you send makes it into Adbusters, we'll make sure you get a free copy of the issue when it hits the stands.

Aiden Enns
Managing Editor
Adbusters Magazine
1243 West 7th Ave.
Vancouver BC Canada V6H 1B7

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