Thursday, July 10, 2003

Virtual Book Tour: Magazine Me

Subscriptions to the now-defunct Casket and Sunnyside and other trade publications are costly and hardly worth it for rubberneckers like myself. The simply curious [morbidly curious, or curiously morbid? -- MD] are better off browsing the Web. Here are a few eye-opening online selections:

  • Funeral industry magazines: Includes links to titles such as Embalmer, Mortuary Law & Business Quarterly, and Death Care Business Advisor
  • Canadian Funeral Director Magazine: The trade publication for Canadian funeral service professionals
  • Forensic Nurse Magazine: "Advancing the frontiers of the forensic nursing community"
  • Mortuary Management: The Arizona Highways of these eerie-odicals covers strategies and tactics to help increase productivity and reduce overhead, industry news, legal advice, and coverage of trends in cremation, low-cost funeral providers, and retail casket sales
  • Alliance: Information about the business of funeral service, trends in funeral planning, burial customs, burial rituals, mortuary science, mortuary schools, cremation, cremation laws, and grief and loss
  • International Journal of Crashworthiness: "Devoted to all aspects of the crash behaviour of structures and materials and impact biomechanics"
  • The Journal of Trauma: Clinical applications, techniques, and new developments in trauma care
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