Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Street Art VII

Cabbing into Fast Company's New York office from LaGuardia this morning, I was struck by some paint work on the barrier wall along the highway near the airport. Initially thinking that I was seeing some sort of postmodern, abstract art akin to zebra or giraffe spots dotting the red barrier wall, I soon realized that it was in fact spray paint marking stress fractures, cracks, and chips in the wall -- areas that require repair. Boy, was I disappointed. Still, we take our art where we find it!

Then, the taxi was driving a couple of car lengths behind a tricked-out van with a full-body graffiti-like wrapper that said, "Are You Hip-Hop?" along with a URL for the WonderTwinZ, which seems to be a radio program produced in Long Island -- or "Strong Island." Sonic and Lord Vader appear to be the heads of "All Time Flava," a DJ and graf crew that specializes in hip-hop and R&B theme parties. They also publish a magazine called the Connex List, which features a resource listing of media shows, support services, producers, and retailers for the hip-hop industry, as well as articles and editorials.

The TwinZ also do radio promotion. Wow. More vehicles should have URL's on them. That'd get us even closer to hybrid moblogging and mapblogging.

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