Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Music to My Ears XLI

Free Speech for Sale is a slightly confusing Web project that in effect offers more than 30 songs and sound collage pieces that remind me of Negativland, the Tape-Beatles, John Oswald, and Stay Free!'s Illegal Art compilation. I've only downloaded two songs so far, but it's amazing, thought-worthy, and entertaining stuff.

Now that I've spent some more time poking around the site, it's less confusing -- and more impressive in its concept. Basically, it's a spoof of online and TV shopping services, and each product listed is a track on the compilation. The individual song-based pages feature more information about the sound artist, as well as links to their own respective project Web sites. An inspiring effort that reminds me of the sound art tape trading networks I used to participate in. Anyone remember the Screaming Popeyes?

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