Friday, March 07, 2003

Music to My Eyes XII
The fellow who just sold me a large cafe latte for $3.50 has never been further northeast than Chapel Hill, North Carolina. But so far during South by Southwest, he's met people as far away from Austin as Boston (me), Philadelphia, and New Zealand. In October, he'll go to New York City for his honeymoon. Turns out that Mr. Coffee is also in a band, the Austin-based space rock band Spacetruck. I'll have to check out the MP3's later, but it seems that Mr. Coffee plays bass.

And, to add to your small world file, it appears that one of the women my friend Rick works with at Akins High School is the mother of Jordan, drummer for the Boston band Fooled by April. Can't go far enough to escape bands from Boss Town! They're playing SXSW at 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Fox & Hound. Check 'em out if you're here, not there.

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