Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Event-o-Dex XLI
No. 1 Fun Boston Blog Bash

  • Wednesday, March 26, 2003
  • 8 p.m.
  • Cambridgeport Saloon
  • 300 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge

    You are invited to the No. 1 Fun Boston Blog Bash, the first in a series of occasional Boston-area blogger get-togethers.

    Instead of sitting at our computers for 24 hours blogging about nothing to raise money for charity, instead of buying a plane ticket to Las Vegas for a conference featuring people you don't know and may never see again, and instead of worrying about whether your personal Web work makes you anti-social or depressed, come on out for the No. 1 Fun Boston Blog Bash and meet scads of local bloggers. You've read their words. Now meet them live and in person!

    We're inviting hundreds of Boston-area bloggers and Web writers, and you can freely transmit this invitation yourself. Who's invited initially? Readers of Media Diet, the blog run by co-organizer Heath Row; members of Boston Blogs, a project managed by co-organizer Shannon Okey, and participants in the Bostonites Unite! Web ring.

    The Cambridgeport Saloon is a wonderful little bar between Central Square and MIT in Cambridge. Within easy walking distance from the Central Square T stop, the saloon sports video games (Golden Tee and Radikal Bikers, last we checked), pinball machines, a great juke box, pool tables, and darts. The bar also has history! Originally called Father's Fore, the bar has been in operation at least since the mid-'70s.

    Be a part of history. Get in on the ground floor. Belly up to the bar and come out for the No. 1 Fun Boston Blog Bash. And spread word.

    (Apologies for those Boston-area bloggers too young to attend an event at a bar. We'll try to find all-ages venues for future Boston Blog Bashes, and, absolutely anyone and everyone is encouraged to convene their own blog gatherings.)
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