Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Interlude: South by Southwest 2003 XV
After the sessions ended yesterday, I headed over to the Film Threat party at B.D. Riley's. There, I met up with Jim Munroe and David from MP4. We talked about punk rock, filmmaking, and road trips before Jim and I left to meet my friend Amy so we could sit down and get some food. After dinner on the deck at Iron Cactus, we made our way to Texture for the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Cyberorganic Jam. Remember Cyborganic? Ahhh.

The party was fun. Cory gave a rousing talk about the ongoing erosion of our offline and online rights. Sandy Stone, founder of UT-Austin's ActLab gave a short welcome and then lapsed into an extremely interesting spoken-word performance piece about cats, RF, and the fragility of life. We stayed almost until the very end, and my night last night was not as late or as crazy as Sunday. Still, I've taken this morning a little easy. Migas and a smoothie for breakfast with Rick, the 15 bus downtown, and more impressionistic note taking during Po Bronson's morning session. We'll turn our attention there now.

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