Friday, August 22, 2003

Rock Shows of Nope

Showing a rare bit of restraint last night, I left the house after 10 to consider going to a show -- only to turn around and walk right back home again.

I went by TT the Bear's and the Middle East before debating whether to check out the show at the Middle East Down. The Damn Personals, Cracktorch, and the Gentlemen were playing, and a friend was going to be there. But standing in back of TT's near the rear load-in door that accesses the automated ramp down into the Middle East Down, I decided I couldn't cope with the noise and the smoke and the people so I walked home and settled in to read about turnpikes.

This morning, my friend emailed me saying, "It was really REALLY loud. Not so much fun. Kind of like a big drunken frat party with a cover charge."

Glad I didn't go! Perhaps we can expect more Rock Shows of Nope posts in the future.

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