Monday, August 04, 2003

The Height of Vanity

Just as the zine Baby Split Bowling News spawned Office Supply Junkie, the fine folks behind Lost Armadillos in Heat have a side project of their own going. Big-Headed Pygmies is a laugh-a-minute look at the height of vanity -- or the vanity that comes with a, well, lack of height.

What do I mean? Most celebrities, most actors, are shorter than they seem. In a rear-view mirror, they actually appear further away than they actually are. Or something. Why? Because they're small. Long on ego, perhaps, but lacking in the stature department. And with a lack of stature comes status. Russell Crowe wears special "tall" shoes. Corey Feldman is only slightly larger than a picnic table. And the Internet Movie Database over-reports Julia Roberts height by a good 3 inches.

Thanks to Media Dietician Joe-O for the tip off.

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