Monday, August 04, 2003

Magazine Me XXXIX

Media Dietician Laura Goldberg turned me onto a great piece in the San Francisco Chronicle about the magazine publishing scene in Northern California. Writer Dan Fost considers the role the Net economy boom played in attracting media moguls to the Bay Area and takes names of the magazines that remain post-bust -- including some brilliant smaller magazines.

Citing the move of Parenting, Health, and Rolling Stone, Fost lists several innovative titles that still make the Bay Area their home: ReadyMade, Bark, and Dwell. And his mention of Bitch magazine's recent plea for readers indicates that Fost dug deeper than most mainstream journos would have. Kudos.

Additionally, Business 2.0 editor Josh Quittner's comments on what it was like to relocate from New York to take over the title -- including his struggle finding solid staffers -- are well worth considering. But really, is Business 2.0 the only "last man standing among the new economy magazines"? Either Fost is only considering Bay Area books, he doesn't consider Fast Company a new economy mag -- which is good, actually -- or he doesn't consider us standing. Well, we're still here.

Can't wait to see a similar piece about Boston's media scene soon.

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