Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Magazine Me XL

When I read the September 2003 edition of YM earlier this week, I fully expected to get hip to the Olsen twins, hallway makeout sessions, and 432 ways to stay in school -- and be cool. Instead, I got a surprising reminder why I'm glad I'm not environmentally sensitive. In addition to two bind-in samples of Bonnebell's strawberry LipLix lip gloss and L'Oreal's Diva glam shine "lipcolour," I was subjected to no fewer than four perfume samples. Ralph Lauren scalped me with the Ralph scented hair collection. Scented hair? Esprit's Life fragrance lifted off the page and into the air. Davidoff's Cool Water Woman and Cool Water (for men) eau de toilette made me cough. And J. Lo's Glow eau de toilette made me go, "Oh, no!" I want my magazines writ to peruse, not fit to ooze. Sensory overload!

Compare that with the Aug. 5 issue of Family Circle. Only two scented samples surprise. In addition to a clever insert promoting Botanical Bliss, a new "scent" by Snuggle brand fabric softener, there's a faux strip for Lever Bros. Co.'s Sunkissed Breeze.

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