Thursday, May 25, 2006

Supply My Soundtrack!

This afternoon, I became extremely frustrated that most of the music I listen to is from North America or western Europe -- and in English. So I started to scour the Net -- and iTunes -- for tips on tunes from other countries in their native languages. It's relatively easy to learn about modern music around the world online. It's also relatively difficult to find freely downloadable MP3's of said music online.

So: Today's Media Dietician challenge. If you live in a "foreign" country -- or know a lot about popular music from same -- please send me song files or CD-R's. I will provide a mailing address upon request and reciprocate with a trade mix. Help me add to what I found today: French pop (Camille), German hip hop (Pal One), and Japanese post rock (Margaret Drawers).

I'll sure appreciate it! And foreign bands and labels -- consider offering your wares via iTunes or Myspace so it's easier to track down local -- and local language (I'm less interested in global music in English) -- tuneage. I will also trade cheaply available American CDs as trade for any local CDs sent in by Media Dieticians.

Let the swap commence!


aquaboy said...

Hey Heath. You should check Elefant Records at They are a Spanish record label and their site has some mp3s in the audio section. They release some english language music in Europe (Camera Obscura, Tender Trap, Honey Bunch) but also a lot of Spanish language music. Two of my my favorites are Juniper Moon and Vacaciones. Much of their catalog is now available in the US iTunes store.

Anonymous said...


I lived in Latin America for a few years. And, I've got some music--jazz, pop, disco-tech, and folk--from there that I'd love to send you. If you give me your address (send to mjc "at", I'd be happy to send you a CD with a few tracks from different albums.