Tuesday, May 02, 2006

News of Note

From the top of my head today:

  • If any Media Dieticians have an inside line on back issues of Z Channel's program guide, I'd love to obtain some.
  • The offices of Opus Dei really are at 34th and Lex. Across the street: a phone kiosk sporting a "The Da Vinci Code" advert.
  • Designing woman of the day: Dorothy Draper
  • Kudos to Johnny Damon for how he handled being booed by Red Sox fans at yesterday's game: "They don't boo bad players, they boo good players," he said.
  • Keith Richards fell out of a palm tree, climbed onto a Jet Ski, and crashed. Bump, set, spike!
  • The workers responsible for Sunday's downtown Brooklyn fireballs were found at a nearby McDonalds, with singed hair and soot-covered faces. They deserved a break that day, I suppose.

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SteveBrant said...

Hi Heath,
Long time no speak.
The news of May 2nd that excites me is the release of the official (full, not-teaser) trailer to "Superman Returns". (I'm a huge Superman fan.)
For more info, go to http://www.bluetights.net
Steve Brant