Monday, May 08, 2006

New Record Day VIII

Here's what's coming out this week that I think is notable:

  • Danielson, Ships
  • KMFDM, Ruckzuck
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stadium Arcadium

Another slow week. What records are you going to pick up this week?

Update: I got Roy Nathanson's "Sotto Voce" -- wonderful.

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Joe said...

well, i just mail ordered two things from Dusty Groove today. Yes, it's only a couple of miles from my office, but there's no easy way to get from here to there, and I realized that if I wanted these things, I may as well just get 'em. Probably decadent of me.

Anyway, coming soon (or later, if the Chicago USPS is in character)

London Is The Place For Me Vol 2 -- Calypso & Kwela, Highlife & Jazz From Young Black London

Lefties Soul Connection -- Hutspot

See Scissor Kick for my introduction for Lefties Soul Connection -- incredibly gritty funk. The other I read about in Mojo, and I've been having pretty good results with Honest Jon's records, so I'm kind of taking a leap of faith with it.