Thursday, May 04, 2006

Media Diet Hero

This might be the first Media Diet Hero ever.

But let me just say that I am in love -- and I mean strong media like -- with Stephen Colbert. This guy is on fire. Love him, like him, or hate him, even if you don't think he's funny, he's certainly on the money.

Holy cow.

The media coverage of Colbert's talk at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner last weekend has been fascinating and -- embarassingly -- brought him to my true attention. I had written him off as a partisan parodist. Truthiness is, he might be the smartest political commentator we have on hand today. Not Anderson Cooper, but...

Stephen Colbert. If you haven't taken him seriously before, listen. Because thanks to the WHCA effect, more people will be doing so -- hopefully.

Thank you, Stephen Colbert.

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Clint said...

Here, here! Colbert rocks my world... maybe even as much as Media Diet does!