Thursday, March 24, 2005

None-Hit Wonder

Also in this week's edition of New York, writer Dave Itzkoff claims that the band the Bravery is "New York's next really big thing."

So it's interesting that Spin magazine, for which Itzkoff edits, hasn't published a major feature on the musical group. Not big enough for Spin? Hit up New York.

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maura said...

i'm sure there is one coming. it seems like spin's print features these days are more pegged to post-major-label success than 'what's coming next' -- see the lapse in time between the killers cover story and the release of 'hot fuss.'

there was a review of a bravery show on the magazine's web site in '04.

(and hey, the extra lead time gives the writer more of a chance to explain away the whole skabba the hutt thing.)