Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Libraries I Like

I just got off the phone with Grant Leuning, a zine archivist at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College Library. He emailed me inquiring about my old zine Karma Lapel, and I called to learn more about the archive -- I currently donate all the zine-related materials I receive to DePaul University's Chicago Great Lakes Underground Press Collection.

In any event, Grant says that the collection was started when Utne -- and perhaps Chris Dodge -- donated a bunch of material to the library. Since then, the archive has accepted "basically anything we can get our hands on." And to their credit, they index the collection: by title, author, location, date, and subject -- throughout the issues on hand. That's more than DePaul can say; I think they only index by title.

This week, I'll mail the MCTC a full back issue run of Karma Lapel, if I'm able. And if you self-publish, you should consider supporting the archive, as well.

MCTC Library, 1501 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55403.


Digital Evangelist said...

Heath next time you are in the UK I would recommend that you take a trip down to Brighton and see just what they have managed to do with their new library! Not only is it great desigt they open on a Sunday for all the day trippers.

As someone who spent too much time at the British Library writing my PhD I have to say that the new building is great. More books, a great cafe and wifi mean that I now wish I had to spend more time in the building rather than flying visits. They also no have put some of the more famous books on display.

ETC said...

Ahhh.... Grant Leuning. He's a good guy, and he has a killer mustache. I'd trust him with my life - for real.