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Daily Headlines for Aug. 5, 2022

Op-Ed: The progressive prosecutor movement has limits. Public defenders can do more

Gun Trafficking Surges Across State Lines: One Pistol’s 1,200-Mile Journey to a Boston Homicide
More firearms are being brought illegally from states with loose gun laws into states with tighter restrictions

My mother was killed by a white supremacist. Now we need advocacy, not sympathy.
We all deserve to live in a society where we can gather in houses of worship, wear our articles of faith – and simply exist without fear of being targeted.

Latina woman says Redondo Beach police targeted her for having dog on pier

Federal Officials Charge Four Officers in Breonna Taylor Raid
The police in Louisville, Ky., fatally shot Ms. Taylor during a nighttime raid on her apartment. Prosecutors said officers had lied in order to obtain a search warrant for Ms. Taylor’s home.

Feds charge 4 Louisville police officers in Breonna Taylor shooting

U.S. Charges Four Current, Former Louisville Officers in Breonna Taylor’s Killing
Taylor was asleep at home with her boyfriend when police burst into apartment

Five U.S. senators re-introduce "College Athletes Bill of Rights" focused on compensation, Title IX compliance

Why Marilyn Monroe’s sudden death still evokes mystery, questions 60 years later

Having Trouble Flying With Your Dog? Charter a Private Jet for Princess
With air travel strained, strangers band together to fly their pets in style; ‘I wouldn’t consider any other way of flying our little girl’

Goodbye to Vin Scully, the Voice of Summer
He vividly described baseball’s historic moments for 67 years.

Vin Scully bridged the generations in L.A. ‘It’s like your childhood ... is now really over’

Perils of Preaching Nationalism Play Out on Chinese Social Media
Many users mocked the government for not taking military action to stop Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan trip, saying it hadn’t lived up to its tough rhetoric.

On China’s Internet, Fury at Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan Turns to Frustration
Many called for a forceful response but had to settle for fruit sanctions and footage of missile launches after the House speaker’s departure

‘Take down Pelosi’s plane’: Chinese social media users react to Taiwan visit
Hawkish sentiments diverge from official line over US House Speaker’s trip to Taipei

Jurors Award Sandy Hook Parents $4 Million in Damages

Alex Jones Ordered to Pay $4.1 Million to Parents of Sandy Hook Victim
Infowars founder ordered to pay for speculating that the 2012 mass shooting was a hoax

Alex Jones ordered to pay Sandy Hook parents more than $4 million

Penguin Random House CEO Defends Publishing Merger at Antitrust Trial
Markus Dohle testifies that competitive bidding for titles will continue

Warner Bros. Discovery reveals plans for free streaming service
The company also said it would launch, next summer, a combined paid service that would reach 130 million subscribers by 2025.

Combined HBO Max and Discovery+ to launch in 2023 as Warner Bros. Discovery rejects AT&T strategy

Warner Bros. Discovery Weighs Free Ad-Supported Streaming Plan
Media giant will first combine HBO Max and Discovery+ subscription platforms

India Withdraws a Proposed Law on Data Protection
A number of lawyers and experts say measures to safeguard citizens online are badly needed, but the bill was criticized by both privacy advocates and tech companies.

How to recession-proof your life amid economic uncertainty

How inflation's wrath, recession fears are (quickly) creeping into middle-class America

If your Equifax score dropped, the company's error may be to blame. Here's what consumers should know.

Georgia Abortion Law Says a Fetus Is Tax Deductible
The state’s “fetal personhood” provision now includes a $3,000 tax exemption starting at around six weeks of pregnancy.

The Crypto Market Crashed. They’re Still Buying Bitcoin.
Hard-core Bitcoin evangelists are making the case that Bitcoin differs from the unstable crypto projects that sent the market into a tailspin.

The Vibes in the Economy Are … Weird. Really Weird.

Economists’ models miss the gains from more women in the workforce
Data suggest that male and female employees are not perfect substitutes in production

U.S. Jobless Claims Rose Last Week to Near High for Year
Despite uptick in filings, layoff proxy remains consistent with a tight labor market

US jobless claims hit six-month high as labour demand cools
Lay-offs have hit technology, retail and crypto businesses

Britain faces growing competition to attract global talent
It has benefited from a steady influx of working-age people over the past 40 years, but now risks forfeiting that privilege

The future of global retail will be local
Shopify’s challenge to Amazon has failed, but an Indian bid to empower small merchants is worth watching

Companies From Google to Pepsi Are Boosting Capital Spending
Such expenditures among S&P 500 companies are growing faster than stock repurchases for the first time since early 2021

The women calling out Apple’s handling of misconduct claims
More than a dozen employees past and present say Apple’s HR team puts the company’s reputation ahead of worker welfare

TikTok Pares Pandemic-Era Perks in Return to Office Push
Some locations are strained as thousands of new workers look for work stations and parking spaces

Nike scores success with early backing for women’s football
US sportswear retailer secures halo effect from Lionesses’ victory after early fumbles in men’s game

How Alex Jones turned conspiracy theories into a lucrative business.

Musk Says Twitter Committed Fraud in Dispute Over Fake Accounts
Twitter called the claims false and irrelevant in a high-profile legal fight over whether the billionaire can back out of a $44 billion deal to acquire the company.

Elon Musk Alleges Twitter Fraud in Countersuit Filed in Delaware
Billionaire says social-media platform misrepresented users as well as false accounts; Twitter says the claims are inaccurate

PwC crypto head sets up digital asset fund in Dubai
Regulatory pressure in other cities has made operating from the Gulf state more appealing

Trial of Former Twitter Employee Accused of Spying Heads to Jury
Prosecutors said the man had used his access to Twitter user accounts to spy for the government of Saudi Arabia. His lawyers said he had just been doing his job.

Paramount Revenue Gets Lift From ‘Top Gun’ Sequel, Streaming Service
‘The Lost City’ and ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ helped drive strong film results in the latest quarter

AMC to Issue Dividend in Form of ‘Ape’ Preferred Shares
Cinema chain reports big jump in revenue, announces dividend as a workaround after it failed to garner shareholder approval to let it issue more common shares

Adidas’s Fitness Regime Looks Like a Stretch
Weak sales in China leave the sportswear brand increasingly reliant on consumers in Europe and the U.S. to hit its 2025 financial targets

Satellite operators SES and Intelsat in deal talks
US and Luxembourg groups exploring tie-up as challengers like Elon Musk push into space industry

Li Ka-shing’s conglomerate disavows meme stock AMTD Digital after 14,000% surge
CK Hutchison says it has ‘no business dealings’ with New York-listed company with higher market cap than Goldman

Study: Restrictive voting laws more prevalent in Republican-controlled states with diverse populations
At the legislative level, the Brennan Center analysis found "repres­ent­at­ives from the whitest districts in the most racially diverse states" were most likely to sponsor restrictive voting bills.

Defying the Supreme Court
The Kansas abortion vote and the congressional push on same-sex marriage show how progressives can confront the Supreme Court.

Kansas Result Suggests 4 Out of 5 States Would Back Abortion Rights in Similar Vote
The referendum in a reliably Republican state shows which party has the most energy on the issue.

Column: The abortion vote in Kansas shows that populism can work for Democrats too

Lawyer Says He Intends to Give Alex Jones’s Texts to House Jan. 6 Panel

Sandy Hook lawyer: Jan. 6 panel asked for Alex Jones’ texts

Ron DeSantis Suspends Florida Prosecutor Over Pledge to Not Prosecute Abortion, Gender-Transition Cases
State attorney Andrew Warren had signed joint statements with other elected prosecutors around country

Republicans at CPAC embrace a defiant Viktor Orban amid outrage over ‘mixed-race’ remarks.

Trump-Backed Kari Lake Wins Arizona Republican Gubernatorial Primary

Democrats Pursue Bills Pre-Empting Republican Policies
On issues from same-sex marriage and contraception to job security for federal workers, Democrats want to cement protections now in case they lose control of Congress in the midterms

Former Puerto Rico Governor Arrested on Corruption Charges
Wanda Vázquez, who was defeated for re-election in 2020, is accused of taking bribes to influence a regulatory appointment.

Wanda Vázquez Garced, Former Puerto Rico Governor, Arrested on Bribery Charges
The former governor was allegedly involved in a bribery scheme that involved money paid to her 2020 campaign, Justice Department says

Death of Al Qaeda Leader Sets Off Succession Race for Terrorist Group
Top candidate to replace Ayman al-Zawahiri is an Egyptian former special-forces soldier believed to be living under Iran’s watch 

Whom Does AARP Serve?
The group advances its own interests by backing the Schumer-Manchin bill.

‘We just keep punishing.’ Californians with criminal records still face housing barriers

Citing L.A. as a model, Riverside bans homeless camps in Santa Ana River bottom

Las Vegas Casinos Boom Despite Fears of a U.S. Bust
MGM Resorts, Caesars say travelers are flocking to the Strip

‘Nineteen Reservoirs’ Review: The Price of Water in New York City
Towns and hamlets were flooded, houses razed, graveyards excavated. All to quench the thirst of a burgeoning metropolis. Was it worth it?

They Wanted a Place Where Friends and Family Could Stay. So They Bought the House Next Door.
A growing number of everyday buyers are snapping up neighboring properties to use as guest quarters and stop massive houses from going up

A Wyoming Ranch With Ties to Walt Disney Asks $71 Million
About 23 miles from Yellowstone National Park, the ranch was sold by the Disney family in the 1980s

Bernard Marson, a Catalyst for SoHo’s Renaissance, Dies at 91
An architect and developer, he helped pioneer the neighborhood’s transition from manufacturing into lofts where artists could work and live.

Georges Briguet, Who Presided Over Le Périgord, Dies at 85
The owner of a classic French restaurant in Manhattan for a half-century, he welcomed his well-heeled guests by name, offering them a serene urban oasis on the far East Side.

Judge Says He Will Toss Out New York City School Budget
After parents and teachers sued, a judge on Thursday said he would give the City Council the chance to revisit the school budget and vote again.

ID Theft, Fraud, Prison: The Wild Life of a Bishop Robbed at the Pulpit
The police said Bishop Lamor Whitehead was robbed of a fortune in jewelry, the crime caught on camera. But the focus soon turned to him and his past run-ins with the law.

A birthday wish for us all: Laugh, sing and live large regardless of the years
I have nothing against those who welcome retirement. But me? I still have too many things left to say.

We Can Fight Monkeypox Without Hysteria or Homophobia

What Is It About Friendships That Is So Powerful?

Eating processed foods is hurting your brain, study says. Even '2 cookies' can affect health.

Editorial: Climate change is an emergency. Biden should use his executive powers to do more

Saltwater toilets, desperate wildlife: Water-starved Catalina Island battles against drought

Irish Farmers Help Save a Bird Whose Calls Used to Herald Summer
The corncrake’s cry, thought to be loud and harsh, is a poignant reminder for older people of the advent of warmer weather. Efforts are underway to preserve its call for younger generations.

South Korea Launches First Moon Mission on SpaceX Rocket
The Danuri mission, after a long and fuel-efficient journey, will help to study the moon’s magnetic field and some of its coldest and darkest places.

Is Beyoncé still a pop star?
The cultural clout of the artist looms larger than her commercial power

Can Hollywood figure out Gen Z? This summer’s movies are a major test

How Issa Rae’s hot new comedy perfected the social media aesthetic

Paramount’s Mission Impossible: Topping ‘Top Gun’
Blockbuster film boosts revenue despite advertising weakness, but following up will be a challenge 

Warner Bros. axes $90-million ‘Batgirl’ movie. Directors ‘saddened and shocked’

What new movies are playing this week? Brad Pitt's 'Bullet Train,' 'Predator' prequel 'Prey'

Four Movies About Summer to Stream Now
It’s hot. Stay in and cool down with these streaming picks.

Netflix’s lively, unusual adaptation makes the most of Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Sandman’

‘The Sandman’ Is Coming to TV. Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal.
For decades, fans have hoped for an adaptation of the Neil Gaiman story, a seminal work in the world of comics and beyond. A series version arrives Friday on Netflix.

Review: Netflix's 'The Sandman' is absolutely gorgeous, and a total failure

‘Faith’ Review: Training to Fight Demons at a Monastery
Valentina Pedicini’s final documentary tracks the “Warriors of Light” — their leader, and their monks and mothers, in Italy.

‘Bullet Train’ Review: Ride and Die
Brad Pitt plays an amiable assassin who gets stuck on a Japanese high-speed train with a motley crew of other killers and no easy way out.

‘Bullet Train’ Review: Brad Pitt’s Rowdy Ride
He and Bad Bunny star in this action-packed thriller as two of around half a dozen killers who violently clash when they meet on the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto

Bullet Train film review — Brad Pitt stays nimble in a second-class vehicle
The actor’s comic chops can’t save an ultra-violent crime caper stuffed with self-delighted banter

Review: Rebecca Hall’s thrilling performance breathes life into the creepy ‘Resurrection’

Review: It has its sharp moments, but ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ could use a few corpse corrections

‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ Review: ‘Euphoria’ With Knives
In this film from Halina Reijn, a group of rich Gen Z friends fear that a killer is stalking their inner circle.

‘They/Them’ Review: Scared Straight
A masked ax-murderer runs amok at a gay conversion camp in this flimsy, Kevin Bacon-starring slasher flick.

'Prey' breakout Amber Midthunder talks axe throwing, outwitting the Predator and representation

‘Luck’ Review: Animated by Misfortune
This movie, from John Lasseter’s production company, features the voices of Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg, Simon Pegg and others to tell the convoluted story of an orphan who finds herself transported into the world of leprechauns

‘Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Review: More Turtle Power
This continuation of the half-shelled foursome’s saga is rendered in snappy and brightly-colored animation.

Lena Dunham's letter to a sex columnist inspired 'hopeful' coming-of-age film 'Sharp Stick'

Tiona Nekkia McClodden Is Not Running Away
An artist’s journey to establish her position in the world took her to the shooting range and produced a bold, original show.

For Black Artists, the Great Migration Is an Unfinished Journey
At the Mississippi Museum of Art, Mark Bradford, Theaster Gates Jr., Carrie Mae Weems and others explore the personal legacy of the era-shaping movement from the rural South.

Mindy Kaling on the pressures of TikTok for young comedians, where comedy is headed

George Grosz, Sharp-Eyed Berlin Observer, Comes Home
A new museum in a converted gas station presents the work of one of the best-known artists of Weimar-era Germany.

Being Tall Made Stephen Merchant Shy and Funny
The comedian and co-creator of ‘The Office’ and ‘The Outlaws’ on John Cleese, heeding his dad’s warning and getting hired by Ricky Gervais

Jennifer Bartlett, Conceptual Painter on a Vast Scale, Dies at 81
Her landmark work, “Rhapsody,” inspired by New York City subway signs, comprises 987 enameled plates and stretches for 153 feet.

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