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Daily Headlines for Aug. 3, 2022

Column: What is kipple, and how did it take over my life?

Nichelle Nichols Helped Show America a Different Future
As Lieutenant Uhura in “Star Trek” and an advocate for inclusiveness in the U.S. space program, Nichols made an indelible impact on our collective imagination.

War Spurs Ukrainian Efforts to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
The role of gay soldiers, the lack of legal rights for their partners, and the threat of Russia imposing anti-L.G.B.T. policies have turned the war into a catalyst for change in Ukraine.

Last Conviction in Salem Witch Trials Is Cleared 329 Years Later
The exoneration of Elizabeth Johnson Jr., the last person whose name was not officially cleared, came from the efforts of an eighth-grade civics teacher and her students.

By embracing Donald Trump, LIV Golf is branding itself as the MAGA Tour | Opinion
The ruse that LIV Golf isn’t an expressly political organization fell apart during last weekend's event at Bedminster. It should surprise no one that Donald J. Trump was right in the thick of it.

He's serving 40 years in prison, while legal marijuana makes others rich
The time has come to legalize cannabis at the federal level. In the process, let's make sure people caught up in the war on drugs are not forgotten.

‘Own Every Dollar’ Gang Unleashed Havoc in Manhattan, U.S. Says
Members are responsible for killings, robberies and assaults in Washington Heights, officials said as they indicted 24 people.

Vin Scully, forever the voice of the Dodgers, dies at 94

Column: Vin Scully’s voice, a serenade of rebirth, will live on forever in Los Angeles

Column: Memories of 1950s’ Vin Scully photos strewn on my living room floor linger

Two new Hollywood newsletters are betting they’ve got the town covered

Netflix Sues ‘Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’ Duo for Infringement
Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear gained prominence through TikTok and won a Grammy Award for their musical take on the hit streaming series.

Forbes Explores Sale After SPAC Deal Collapses
Forbes has tapped Citigroup to sell at a price of at least the $630 million valuation declared in its earlier plan to go public.

Profits Slump at CNN as Ratings Plummet
The network is on a pace to drop below $1 billion in profit for the first time in years, according to people familiar with its operations, amid steep declines in TV viewership.

Tudor Dixon, a conservative commentator, will challenge Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan.

Matt Purdy, Shepherd of Investigations at The Times, Is Named Editor at Large
He has helped guide many of the newsroom’s most ambitious projects in recent years.

WeWork Joins Rush of Tech Companies Into Office Software as Its Shares Sag
Cisco, Honeywell and startups say their tech services help landlords and tenants adjust to the hybrid workplace

Senate Plan Would Put Bitcoin, Ether Under Commodity Regulator’s Watch
Regulators vie for authority over cryptocurrency markets

The future of stablecoins is commercial bank money
The business models of issuers will not survive unless they can pay or charge interest

Equifax Sent Lenders Inaccurate Credit Scores on Millions of Consumers
During a three-week period this year, Equifax sent faulty scores to lenders, resulting in higher interest rates and denied applications

You can still nab that raise despite inflation. How companies can still afford benefits.

How to land a job with limited field experience: Ask HR

Parents ready to send kids back to school, but inflation means high prices.

Demand for Workers Fell in June to Lowest Level in Nine Months
Despite decline, total job openings remain well above the number of available workers

Job openings fell in June, suggesting that the labor market is cooling.
Employers appear to be responding to rising interest rates and a slowing economy by reducing open positions.

Snack, Deodorant Makers Target Cost-Conscious Shoppers With New Brands and Sizes
Companies such as Unilever say they have been preparing for a possible economic downturn for months

The US ‘friendshoring’ experiment risks making enemies
Favouring political allies when constructing supply chains is expensive, tricky and possibly self-defeating

Cloud Giants Can’t Keep Making Rain
Amazon, Microsoft and Google show early signs of slowing capital expenditures as growth decelerates

Instagram head Adam Mosseri to relocate to London
UK capital will effectively become social media app’s base as parent Meta battles TikTok

Trump Faces Questions About His Net Worth in Interview He Tried to Avoid
Former President Donald J. Trump has embraced the verbal sparring of legal depositions in the past, but now faces significant risk.

Robinhood lays off 23% of its staff, blaming crypto meltdown and inflation.
The trading app that helped drive the meme stock frenzy announced staff cuts for the second time this year.

Robinhood Lays Off 23% of Staff as Retail Investors Fade From Platform
The job cuts mark the second round of layoffs for the online brokerage, which exploded in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic

Opendoor to pay $62 million to settle FTC claims it misled home sellers

What Twitter’s Subpoenas Say About Its Plan to Fight Elon Musk in Court
Twitter has sent out requests for information from the banks that are backing the billionaire’s purchase, which he is trying to walk away from.

Arizona Officials Warned Fake Electors Plan Could ‘Appear Treasonous’
Politicians involved in Donald Trump’s effort to put forth electors to falsely claim he had won Arizona said doing so without first filing a legal challenge could look like a crime.

Judge declines to delay Oath Keepers’ Jan. 6 trial

Supreme Court's landmark guns ruling prompts race to test Second Amendment's limits
On the left, blue states are scrambling to pass laws to respond to the Supreme Court's decision. On the right, gun rights groups are heading back into federal court.

Justice Department Files Lawsuit Challenging Idaho Abortion Law
DOJ says Idaho law conflicts with federal law covering hospitals that receive Medicare

Justice Dept. Sues Idaho Over Its Abortion Restrictions
The Biden administration filed its first new litigation to protect access to abortion since the Supreme Court ruling in June that ended the constitutional right to terminate pregnancies.

Analysis Deems Biden’s Climate and Tax Bill Fiscally Responsible
Despite Republican claims, the new legislation would be only a modest corporate tax increase, Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation found.

Xi Jinping misses his chance to dismiss Nancy Pelosi’s trip as feeble grandstanding
The Chinese president’s reaction has imbued the visit with greater importance than it deserves

China suspends 2,000 food products from Taiwan as Nancy Pelosi visits
Taipei perceives bans as retribution for US House Speaker’s trip

U.S. Sanctions Woman It Calls Vladimir Putin’s Girlfriend
Alina Kabaeva is sanctioned along with other prominent Russian business leaders and officials

Russia threatens to break off diplomatic relations with US; Brittney Griner's sentencing due 'very soon': Live updates

For the Taliban, a New Era of Isolation Has Arrived
The group has promised moderation even while reinstituting its harsh rule of Afghanistan. Now, the revelation that the Taliban were sheltering Al Qaeda’s leader is likely to harden support for sanctions.

The Taliban’s new order: ‘We’ll introduce a system for the world’
Kabul regime is reshaping government and cracking down on corruption in its quest for a self-sufficient Islamic state

Taliban Ties With al Qaeda Endure, as Terrorist Leader Killed by U.S. in Afghan Capital
Since America’s withdrawal last year, Ayman al-Zawahiri had been living in a safe house in central Kabul

Al-Zawahri’s Death Puts the Focus Back on Al Qaeda
The terrorist network has lost eight of its top leaders in recent years. But it has more total fighters than it did on Sept. 11, 2001.

Imran Khan’s party accused of illegal funding by Pakistan electoral probe
PTI received money from companies and foreigners in violation of funding rules, says election commission

Liz Cheney Is Prepared to Lose Power, and It Shows

White House Retrofits Infrastructure Bill to Better Help Poor Communities
The Biden administration is increasing assistance to areas that lack the capacity to apply for improvements to their sanitation and storm water systems.

Editorial: Most street vendors still can’t get permits. There’s a bill to fix that

Why an Iconic California Meatpacking Plant Is Closing
Smithfield Foods is shutting its factory in Vernon early next year.

Los Angeles Shopping Center Shows Strength of Bricks-and-Mortar Retail
Investors are buying more malls as consumers return to buying in person, especially to locations that offer experiences not found on the internet

L.A. cracks down on homeless encampments near schools, over protesters’ jeers

Cultural center chronicling Appalachian life reels from Kentucky’s historic floods

College Affirmative Action Policies Backed by Major Companies
Apple, General Motors, Lyft among those urging Supreme Court to affirm the practice

College Essay Prompts Get Absurd. ‘So Where Is Waldo, Really?’
Essays might now play a greater role in admissions. Good luck writing them.

Kansas Votes to Protect Abortion Rights in State Constitution
Abortion now expected to remain legal and accessible in the state

US abortion pill boom raises legal and ethical questions
Telehealth providers are stepping in to fill treatment gaps caused by the overturning of Roe vs Wade

One Simple Thing You Can Do to Relax This Summer
A brisk walk can improve well-being. Doing it in nature with a friend can supercharge those benefits.

She’s Almost 70, but Bikes Hundreds of Miles Each Summer
These exercises help a 69-year-old Californian to stay in shape for cycling, hiking and running across the world

L.A. could get safe injection sites to help address drug overdose deaths

Senate Passes Bill to Expand Benefits for Veterans Exposed to Burn Pits
Republicans who had blocked the bill, which would extend benefits to an estimated 3.5 million veterans, allowed it to pass after trying unsuccessfully to limit funding for the treatments.

Profits over planet? Experts eye companies at crucial moment for climate change fight
As heat waves, droughts and major storms multiply, environmentalists look to businesses to do their part to help save the planet. How will that affect their bottom line?

Northern California tops Southland in water conservation as savings improve statewide

Federal government suspends new drilling and fracking leases on public lands in Central California

Why famine in Madagascar is an alarm bell for the planet
The UN says it is the first famine caused by climate change. Those caught up in it describe a desperate fight to survive

The Illegal Airstrips Bringing Toxic Mining to Brazil’s Indigenous Land
The Times identified hundreds of airstrips that bring criminal mining operations to the most remote corners of the Amazon.

Thinking of Visiting the World’s Tallest Tree? Think Again.
The National Park Service restricted the area around Hyperion, a redwood in California, after visitors and climbers left behind garbage and human waste.

Is Bio-Designed Collagen the Next Step in Animal Protein Replacement?
One company believes the possibilities go beyond vegan “meat,” from faux leather to luxury skin-care products. But is there enough demand outside of food alternatives?

Stephen King Testifies That Merger Between Publishing Giants Would Hurt Writers.
“Consolidation is bad for competition,” Mr. King said in the trial that will determine whether Penguin Random House may acquire Simon & Schuster.

Stephen King Testifies Against Book-Publishing Merger
Bestselling author is government witness in Justice Department case against Penguin Random House’s planned acquisition of Simon & Schuster

Love or Hate Emmanuel Carrère’s Forceful Tangents, They’re Back in ‘Yoga’
In Carrère’s latest, a best seller (and cause of scandal) in France, the author’s life gets very bad and then slightly better.

Taylor Branch, who co-wrote Bill Russell’s indelible memoir, remembers his friend

From Zelda to the Proms, gaming music is reaching new heights
Soundtracks are being programmed alongside classical works but must still be ‘tightly woven with the player’s experience’

The Meridian Brothers’ Eccentric Mastermind Is Electrifying Roots Salsa
Eblis Álvarez’s albums are “collaborations” with fictional bands. His latest, with the imaginary El Grupo Renacimiento, is a psychedelic fever dream and a critique of technology’s encroachment.

Column: Beyoncé embraces Black queer culture. And we live in Beyoncé's world

‘The end of an era’: Stevie Nicks, David Geffen, Paul Simon remember music exec Mo Ostin

Mo Ostin, Music Powerhouse Who Put Artists First, Dies at 95
At the helm of Warner Bros. Records from the 1960s into the ’90s, he worked closely with some of the most successful and influential performers of his era.

How Ursula and ‘The Little Mermaid’ changed Disney history — in more ways than one

Who's playing Kang, Namor and more? Meet 5 new faces who loom large in Marvel's future

‘Murder at the Cottage’ Review: Something Sinister in Cork
Jim Sheridan narrates and directs this documentary about the brutal killing of French filmmaker Sophie Toscan du Plantier at her vacation home in Ireland

You saw Jordan Peele's 'Nope' and have SO MANY burning questions. We have answers.

'Bullet Train' review: Brad Pitt charms, but his A-list action flick mostly goes off the rails

What’s the Deal With Water Bottles?

‘Paradise Square’ Faces New Complaints Over Payments
The shuttered show is facing legal action from the actors, stage managers and designers who worked on the production.

How these comedians are earning laughs on TikTok — and changing the industry

‘ViewEscapes: George Rickey Kinetic Sculpture’ Review: Sculpture in Motion
The abstract artist’s creations, 12 large-scale outdoor works and eight smaller indoor pieces, enliven the Naumkeag House & Gardens in the Berkshires with their hypnotic grace

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