Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Daily Headlines for Aug. 2, 2022

Editorial: Senators, protect marriage equality ASAP

Column: Solitary confinement is shrouded in secrecy and open to abuse. Why does California allow it?

Boy Scouts Near End of Bankruptcy, but Group Faces Challenges
Organization’s $2.5 billion plan for compensating roughly 82,200 sex-abuse victims will test whether scouting can still appeal to families

Life under the Taliban: ‘what matters is that we’re hungry’
Economic collapse since Islamists retook power a year ago leaves many Afghans struggling to make ends meet

Samuel Sandoval, one of the last World War II Navajo code talkers, dies at 98

It Took an English Women’s Team to Bring Home a Soccer Title—and Fans Love Them for It
Lionesses are still celebrating their victory over Germany in the European Championship; ‘this is what dreams are made of’

Deshaun Watson gets laughable suspension from Sue Robinson as NFL fumbles its case | Opinion
The retired judge who gave Deshaun Watson a measly six-game suspension deserves criticism, but the NFL failed to make a strong enough case against QB.

Why Deshaun Watson's towel habit was key in his suspension ruling

Deshaun Watson Is Suspended for Six Games Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations
A neutral arbitrator levied the penalty against the star quarterback after the NFL recommended that he receive an indefinite ban, no shorter than a year. The league still has the option to appeal the ruling.

Impostor Who Wooed Secret Service Agents With Lavish Gifts Pleads Guilty
Arian Taherzadeh claimed to work at Homeland Security to ingratiate himself with agents

Bill Russell, the Man
The blunt legacy of a legendary teammate and champion

Bill Russell’s Words Were Worth the Wait
In wit and wisdom, Russell left an impression with his gravelly voice. “It wasn’t like he tried to impress you with big words,” said one recipient of his advice.

A Journalist Was Told Her Skirt Was Too Short to Report on an Execution
Ivana Hrynkiw Shatara, a reporter for AL.com, was one of two female reporters covering the execution at an Alabama prison last week who were questioned over their clothing.

Prison Officials Remove Ban on Attica Book, Except for 2 Crucial Pages
In response to the author’s First Amendment lawsuit, officials said the alteration was necessary for “security reasons.”

Trial Begins in Justice Department’s Bid to Block Book Publishing Merger
Judge is weighing challenge to Penguin Random House’s acquisition of Simon & Schuster

Amazon Wants Its NFL Coverage to Come in Different Flavors
Company to have comedy group Dude Perfect call some ‘Thursday Night Football’ games in bid to expand reach

Permira buys stake in distressed debt content provider Reorg
Deal to take over Warburg Pincus’s majority holding reflects heightened interest in specialist data services

Why You Should—or Shouldn’t—Buy a Home Security Camera
Smart cameras from Ring, Nest, Arlo and others are useful, but you can protect your privacy and that of your neighbors by enabling encryption and other settings

Power Companies Enter Peak Hurricane Season Lacking Enough Transformers
Lengthy outages loom after storms, as surging electricity demand and global supply-chain issues quadruple wait times for the vital equipment

The UK has an energy security problem but does not want to admit it
If Russia cuts off gas supplies to Europe, Britain might not be immune to shortages amid rising competition for fuel

Self-Driving Truck Accident Draws Attention to Safety at TuSimple
Leading autonomous-truck developer blames human error, while analysts say it is the technology; regulators are investigating

Her Small Citroën Conquered the Alps
Patty Schwarze turned her iconic French 1962 Citroën 2CV into a rally car for a hair-raising adventure across Europe

A.I. Predicts the Shape of Nearly Every Protein Known to Science
DeepMind has expanded its database of microscopic biological mechanisms, hoping to accelerate research into all living things.

Vast New Study Shows a Key to Reducing Poverty: More Friendships Between Rich and Poor

Visa must face claims it profited from Pornhub video of child

Visa and Mastercard face a new set of legal challenges.

Only two Latinas have been CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Why so few Hispanic women make it to the top

Wells Fargo Revives Policy That Led to Fake Job Interviews, With Tweaks
The bank will reinstate a requirement to assemble a “diverse slate” of job candidates while adding flexibility, according to an internal memo.

Amazon pauses 18 warehouses in 12 states, bringing total site closures to over 40

‘We’ve never seen anything like this’: US retailers compete to clear stock
Walmart and its rivals resort to aggressive price cuts as high inflation hits demand for goods

U.S. manufacturing expands at slowest pace in two years

The triple whammy for office real estate
Rising interest rates, remote working and the push for greener buildings suggest a bleak outlook for the commercial property market

Justice Dept. and Penguin Random House’s sparring over merger has begun.
The trial to decide whether the publishing giant may buy Simon & Schuster is a test of the Biden administration’s push to expand antitrust enforcement.

Venture capital’s silent crash: when the tech boom met reality
Investors of all stripes have crashed the clubby world of VC, drawn by the potential of tech start-ups. But there are signs the party is over

India could surpass China as world’s biggest minerals buyer, says economist
Dambisa Moyo warns Beijing’s debt and population challenges will affect resources companies

Pinterest Reports Lowest Revenue Growth in Two Years
The social-media company joins the growing list of tech firms to slow hiring

Activision Blizzard Profit Slumps as Sales Shrink
Consumers limit spending on videogames in response to inflation

Samsung seeks to reassure markets over semiconductor competitiveness
Move follows warnings from investors, analysts and employees that chipmaker is losing its technological edge

Really successful politicians are more alike than we think
The urge not to throw in the towel, however daunting the odds, marks out those destined for the top

From Global Pandemic to Pandemonium
Amid the Ukraine war, inflation and tensions with China, governments pursue national interests above transnational values.

Supreme Court’s sharp turn to the right is reflected in new opinion polls

First Capitol Rioter to Face Trial Gets 7 Years, Longest Sentence So Far
Guy Wesley Reffitt was convicted in March on five counts in a case viewed as a test for the Justice Department.

Guy Reffitt, the First Jan. 6 Rioter Convicted by Jury, Gets Seven-Year Sentence
Texas man’s case is being watched closely as other defendants in Capitol attack consider plea deals

Man who stormed Capitol with gun gets longest prison term

Top Democrats, Alleging Cover-Up, Seek Testimony on Secret Service Texts
The leaders of two House committees told the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general that they had developed “grave new concerns over your lack of transparency and independence.”

Op-Ed: Is Tunisia rolling back the revolution? It’s not that simple

U.S. Drone Strike Kills Ayman al-Zawahri, Top Qaeda Leader

Ayman al Zawahiri Was an Influential Figure of Modern Jihad
Al Qaeda leader helped transform movement from seeking to topple authoritarian regimes in the Middle East to waging war on the West

How Ayman Zawahiri’s path went from Cairo clinic to top of Al Qaeda

Killed at 71, Ayman al-Zawahri Led a Life of Secrecy and Violence

6th Street bridge: A civic wonder that reflects L.A.'s promise and its simmering problems

Facing Labor Shortages, Pella Reinvents the Company Town in Rural Iowa
The maker of doors and windows is spending $30 million hoping to get people to move to its headquarters; ‘We just didn’t have the amenities’

What Remote Work Debate? They’ve Been Back at the Office for a While.
Cubicles are largely empty in downtown San Francisco and Midtown Manhattan, but workers in America’s midsize and small cities are back to their commutes.

Wave of corporate exits sends chill through Chicago’s business elite
Departures of Boeing, Caterpillar and Citadel headquarters come as leaders fret over crime

Saudi’s Neom is dystopia portrayed as Utopia
Hermetically sealed in its 500m-high mirrored walls, its huge carbon footprint makes it anything but a city of the future

Tiny Catholic university in Escondido trying to make big impact in Hollywood

In Israel, a Biblical Tongue Meets Gender Politics
A linguistic revolution is underway in the quest for more gender-inclusive language for Hebrew, whose modern form adopted grammatical norms from 3,000 years ago. Not everybody is on board.

Older Generations Are Reclaiming Rites of Passage
Rituals like graduations and weddings are few and far between for older adults. Some are finding ways to honor their momentous occasions.

My Dog’s Death Taught Me Spiritual Detachment. Then My Sister Got Sick.
When she got cancer, she started joking about life without her. I was not amused.

How to Live With Covid When You Are Tired of Living With Covid
The BA.5 surge is a reminder that we need to take precautions to avoid illness, slow the relentless cycle of new variants and minimize the disruption to our daily lives.

Are We Still Monogamous? And 6 Other Questions to Ask Your Partner.
After two years of tumult, these essential conversations can help couples talk about what’s working, what’s not and where the relationship is headed.

Children shouldn't be forced to have children. Roe protected those abused like I was.
Some of us don’t get to choose two times over. We don’t choose to have sex. We don’t get to choose to become mothers. And that is evil, too.

‘They’re Just Going to Let Me Die?’ One Woman’s Abortion Odyssey
Madison Underwood was thrilled to learn she was pregnant. But when a rare defect in the developing fetus threatened her life, she was thrust into post-Roe chaos.

Abortion rights face test in Kansas vote, the first of its kind since the fall of Roe

Michigan Court Ruling Allows Potential Prosecutions for Abortion
The decision comes weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade

How will the obesity epidemic end? With kids.

Is Pilates as Good as Everyone Says?
The strength and flexibility workout is having a moment. What can — and can’t — it do for us?

Why Pros Like Brittney Griner Choose Cannabis for Their Pain
Griner, the W.N.B.A. star detained in Russia on drug charges, is one of many athletes who have said cannabis helps with sports injuries. But it is banned by sports leagues and illegal in many places.

A hotter planet will expose divides in the world of work
Climate change brings risks to health and safety and productivity, and employers need to adapt

At least 60 Pacific Crest Trail hikers rescued as McKinney fire bears down

Why Does the American West Have So Many Wildfires?
Four main reasons that California and other Western states are particularly prone to deadly blazes, which are intensifying as the world warms.

A Silver Lining: Giant Floods Not Only Destroy, They Renew
Dams that disrupt giant flood patterns prevent destruction of homes. But in nature, they can imperil environments that depend on floodwaters.

Could Lake Tahoe get even clearer? Scientists say there’s a way

Investigation into pivotal Alzheimer's study raises questions on suspected disease culprit
While a new report casts doubt on a 2006 Alzheimer’s study, researchers say it does not undercut the amyloid theory into the origin of the disease.

Early Europeans Could Not Tolerate Milk but Drank It Anyway, Study Finds
For thousands of years, Europeans consumed milk products despite lacking an enzyme needed to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort, according to a new study.

Splitting T. Rex Into 3 Species Becomes a Dinosaur Royal Rumble
A team of researchers published a rebuttal to an argument advanced by another group earlier in the year. The disagreement over the king of dinosaurs is far from over.

Womad music festival closes on a high — review
Gilberto Gil and Les Négresses Vertes were among the final acts in a characteristically eclectic line-up

Five stars for Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball — a spectacle with wow factor to spare
Her show at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium had a belting setlist, slick choreography and her unique style

A new Selena song, masterminded by her family, revives arguments over legacy and exploitation

Beyoncé vows to change ‘Renaissance’ lyric amid backlash from disability community

Beyoncé Will Change Lyrics After Criticism Over ‘Ableist Language’
The pop star’s decision to replace two words in her song “Heated” follows Lizzo’s removal of the same term, which has been used as a slur against disabled people, from her track “Grrrls.”

Beyoncé falls short of dancefloor utopia with new album Renaissance — review
Sprinkled with star guests, the album anticipates a post-pandemic era of clubbing and hedonism

‘Renaissance’ by Beyoncé Review: Comfortable in Her Skin
On her seventh studio album, the pop star bursts back onto the scene with a throbbing record that celebrates the liberating spirit of dance music—from techno to disco to Afrobeats and dancehall.

Beyoncé’s Anthem for the Unique, and 10 More New Songs
Hear tracks by Rosalía, Brian Eno, Robert Glasper and others.

Mo Ostin, executive who transformed Warner Bros. into revered record label, dies at 95

Appreciation: ‘Star Trek’ underutilized Nichelle Nichols. She was its heart and soul anyway

Commentary: Lt. Uhura of ‘Star Trek’ took Black actresses where none had gone before

Pixar’s Ousted Founder Returns With Apple and ‘Luck’
John Lasseter was toppled five years ago by allegations about his workplace behavior. He’s back with an animated film and a studio that could be Pixar 2.0.

Exclusive sneak peek: Disney+'s 'She-Hulk' brings modern dating, 'female gaze' to the Marvel universe

Review: Succeeding as often as it stumbles, ‘Sharp Stick’ marks the return of Lena Dunham

Bernard Cribbins, British Actor Known for ‘Doctor Who,’ Is Dead at 93
Mr. Cribbins’s long career included roles on stage, film and television.

Pat Carroll, TV Mainstay Turned Stage Star, Dies at 95
Tired of sitcoms and game shows, she reinvented herself in a one-woman show about Gertrude Stein — and, later, in a gender-bending Shakespeare role.

With abortion rights under fire, guerrilla poster artist Robbie Conal hits the streets

Comedians like Chappelle, Gervais want to punch down, but what about the need to punch up?

Do stereotypes have a place in comedy? Phoebe Robinson, more comedians talk being in on the joke

Rebounding From a Revolt, Victory Gardens Is Again Mired in Turmoil
The esteemed Chicago theater’s artistic director is out, and artists and his supporters are upset with the company’s board of directors.

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