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Daily Headlines for Aug. 1, 2022

Judge approves major parts of Boy Scouts' bankruptcy exit plan; pieces remain unresolved

Column: Republicans are ready to talk about racism. But only anti-white racism

A Nigerian Street Vendor Is Beaten to Death in Italy as Witnesses Stand By
The killing, in a seaside town on the Adriatic, has shocked Italians because of its brutality and because of the indifference of those looking on.

Reconnected After Years, College Friends Find Strength in Each Other
Their bond faded while they were raising children and starting careers. A jolt of bad news reunited them.

Key Lime Pie Fans Whipped Up Over Dessert Snub
Florida designated strawberry shortcake as its official state dessert. That hasn’t gone down well in certain culinary circles; ‘a travesty’

Op-Ed: What happens when TikTok is your main source of news and information

Man With Loaded Assault Rifle Arrested Outside Iranian Writer’s Home
Masih Alinejad, a journalist who lives in Brooklyn, was the target of an international kidnapping plot last year, according to a federal indictment and the writer.

Lies for Profit: Can Sandy Hook Parents Shut Alex Jones Down?
A hefty financial verdict this week could dissuade other politically driven liars. But the path forward is uncertain, and the legal battles take a toll.

Alex Jones' main company files for bankruptcy; Austin trial expected to continue

Will the Biggest Publisher in the United States Get Even Bigger?
The Biden administration is suing to block Penguin Random House from buying Simon & Schuster. A United States District Court will decide if the sale can proceed.

LAPD arrests seven people for pointing lasers at police helicopters

So Much Tech. So Few Winners.
Technology is everything. Why are there hardly any blockbuster tech companies of the smartphone age?

New 3-D printing technique can make autonomous robots in a single step

United Auto Workers Seek to Shed a Legacy of Corruption
After his predecessors’ imprisonment, the union’s president is being challenged for re-election in the first direct vote by its membership.

In Crowdfunding Campaigns, Being a Woman Might Be an Advantage
A new study finds that women entrepreneurs who highlight their gender tend to raise more money than those who obscure it

Black and Hispanic Employees Often Get Stuck at the Lowest Rung of the Workplace
A new comprehensive survey by McKinsey suggests that companies’ diversity efforts have largely missed the employees who stand to gain the most from them

Black Professionals Say Workplaces Have Changed Since George Floyd—but Not Enough
Two years after Mr. Floyd’s murder, hard conversations about race are easier to have at work, many say. But some worry that companies have stalled in making bigger changes.

Companies Increase Efforts to Recruit Black Remote Workers to Diversify Their Workforce
Some businesses are hiring from regions with greater Black populations. Others are training Black front-line workers for corporate jobs that can be done from home.

Generation Z: how to recruit and retain them
The old rules have gone as graduates expect a conversation rather than an interview, and want jobs with a wider purpose

N.C. Chick-fil-A faces backlash over asking volunteers to work drive-thru for food, not pay

Is There a Relationship Between High CEO Pay and Corporate Effectiveness?
We ran the numbers for the Management 250 rankings, and were surprised by the results

Greater employee ownership can make work fairer
Giving workers the opportunity to profit-share and use their voice can benefit companies as a whole

Politics in the workplace: how should we deal with opposing views?
Managers must meet the challenge of rising polarisation with sensitivity and a commitment to real diversity

Seven Things You Should Know to Understand the Supply Chain
Why have things been such a mess? For starters, there are a lot more layers than you probably imagine

The Moment These Influencers Turned on Daily Harvest
The meal-delivery company relies on positive social-media reviews to build its brand, but a recent product recall shows the risks of that strategy

Defense Companies Hurt by Staffing Shortages Amid Growing Weapons Demand
Lockheed, Raytheon, others say labor challenges are adding to wider supply-chain problems seen lingering into next year

How the great British sandwich trade was derailed by Brexit, Covid and inflation
An industry that became a symbol of the changes in the economy over four decades now faces a perfect storm of problems

Recession? Not for Big Tech.

Cracks in office property could cause structural damage
As the sector suffers, so might financial markets and city budgets

America’s allies are watching the Jan. 6 hearings. They are worried about U.S. democracy

'Americans deserve to be safe': House passes gun ban that has little chance in Senate

Eric Greitens May Just Get What He Deserves

Republicans used same-sex marriage as a wedge. Now it divides them

Trump’s pick for Arizona governor renounced her media past. The conversion made Kari Lake a front-runner

The rise of ‘03’: Bolsonaro’s third son is crucial link to Trump’s inner circle
As far-right president starts re-election bid, Eduardo has emerged as his father’s trusted envoy and ideologue

How a Visual Language Evolves as Our World Does
Ubiquitous video technology and social media have given deaf people a new way to communicate. They’re using it to transform American Sign Language.

A Cyberattack Illuminates the Shaky State of Student Privacy
At a moment when education technology firms are stockpiling sensitive information on millions of school children, safeguards for student data have broken down.

A school district was given LGBTQ-affirming kids’ books. Then parents objected

Two-Week Program to Get Your Summer-Lazy Kids Off Screens and Ready for School
Many teens and tweens spent the past few months on their devices, but don’t worry—bad tech habits can be broken in a few straightforward steps

Smithsonian magazine's Museum Day is back! Find venues in your state with free entry.

The Baseball Hall of Fame’s Mischievous Cousin
The Baseball Reliquary in Los Angeles took its share of blows but is set for a comeback. Its artifacts remain as real as your imagination.

For Entrepreneurs Looking to Raise Money, It Pays to Turn to Their College Alumni Network
If the entrepreneur and investor share the same alma mater, it’s more likely that they will make a deal—and for more money

A Town’s Housing Crisis Exposes a ‘House of Cards’
In the Idaho resort area of Sun Valley, there are so few housing options that many workers are resorting to garages, campers and tents.

The Country That Wants to ‘Be Average’ vs. Jeff Bezos and His $500 Million Yacht
Why did Rotterdam stand between one of the world’s richest men and his boat? The furious response is rooted in Dutch values.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine Widens Spiritual Rifts Among the Nations’ Christians
Russian Orthodox Church leader’s blessing lent a spiritual cast to invasion, driving Ukraine’s religious leaders West from Russian advance

Long Waits at the Airport Hit Wheelchair Assistance
Travelers who use the service say a number of factors make delays feel more intense

Leave My Disability Out of Your Anti-Abortion Propaganda

Sens. Durbin and Duckworth ask Walgreens CEO to revisit pharmacy beliefs policy

One last trip: Gabriella Walsh’s decision to die — and celebrate life — on her own terms

Time for change: Federal ban on marijuana use causes more harm than good

Legalizing marijuana? Stay wary of health risks and commercialization.
Another View: A public health approach that is informed by both science and compassion will be critical as Congress finally makes headway on federal cannabis policy reform.

August is coming. Prepare for climate calamity

Column: Why make the grizzly bear California’s state animal — after they’re all gone?

As India Takes On Throwaway Plastic, This State Shows How It’s Done
Tamil Nadu’s ban on single-use plastic has gotten results, thanks to relentless policing. Now, India says it will tackle the problem nationwide.

In 5 National Parks, Hidden Gems and Roads Less Traveled
As park visitation rises, serenity in nature can be elusive. But even the most popular U.S. national parks have overlooked treasures and entrances that aren’t clogged with traffic.

$5,000 freeze-out: Bruce Springsteen fans feel betrayed by ‘crazed’ concert ticket prices

Womad marks 40 years with music from west Africa to South Korea
The Selecter, ADG7 and The Flaming Lips were highlights, and Angélique Kidjo pulled founder Peter Gabriel onstage

America Has a Problem and Beyoncé Ain’t It
On “Renaissance,” the pop star’s seventh solo album, she finds escape, rebirth, community, pleasure and control in decades of dance music steeped in Black queer bravado.

Review: Beyoncé's ‘Renaissance’ is a landmark expression of Black joy (and you can dance to it)

Beyoncé's 'Renaissance' album review: Unapologetic and raunchy as she beckons us to the dance floor

Nichelle Nichols, Lieutenant Uhura on ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 89
She was among the first Black women to have a leading role in a TV series. She later worked with NASA to recruit minorities for the space program.

Nichelle Nichols, who played Lt. Uhura on ‘Star Trek,’ dies at 89

Nichelle Nichols, Who Played Uhura on ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 89
The trailblazing actress was a Black woman in a position of authority on TV when few African-American women were given such roles

John Leguizamo has a plan to grow the Latinx presence in entertainment

No matter how long ‘Avatar 2’ is, movies aren’t going to have intermissions, experts say

‘King Vidor’ Review: The Film Director’s Wide Realm
New York’s Film at Lincoln Center is hosting a retrospective of everything from his silent movies to ‘Duel in the Sun,’ ‘Stella Dallas,’ ‘The Fountainhead’ and documentary shorts.

Prime Video’s new sci-fi adventure isn’t the next ‘Stranger Things.’ It’s better

Making ‘Paper Girls’ ‘Wikipedia-proof’ meant change. Here are the creators’ favorites

Fun fact, ‘Star Wars’ fans: A stack of dirty dishes inspired the Millennium Falcon

Who you gonna call? 'Conjuring Kesha' takes pop star and her friends on a 'spiritual journey'

Mary Alice, Tony Winner for Her Role in ‘Fences,’ Dies at 85
A former Chicago schoolteacher, she appeared on TV in ‘A Different World’ and ‘I’ll Fly Away,’ winning an Emmy in 1993.

Review: In ‘Bottom of the Ocean,’ a Deep Dive Into the Soul
Themes of change, death and rebirth abound in this peculiar production, a triumph of style and low-budget ingenuity.

‘Scrimshaw: The Whaler’s Art’ Review: Waterborne Crafting
This exhibit at the Cahoon Museum of American Art on Cape Cod displays an impressive array of over 250 pieces of art and household objects made by sailors from the bones, teeth and baleen of our largest mammal.

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