Friday, August 18, 2006

Working up the Gums

You may have noticed that Bazooka Joe is undergoing a rebranding and marketing campaign. Yes, the song and dance is nice, but it might just be that: song and dance.

It's not just that Brooklyn's own Tha Heights is contributing their vocal stylings to the campaign, it's that Dubble Bubble is finally inhaling some of Bazooka Joe's rarified air.

Examples: Dubble Bubble, made by Concord Confections, now sports a cartoon character named Pud. Dubble Bubble also is now flat -- it used to be a dime-sized round -- and comes wrapped with a jokey comic strip.

Meanwhile, Bazooka Joe, made by baseball card impresario Topps, is headed by the eponymous Joe... is flat... and comes wrapped with a jokey comic strip.

Who's zooming whom?

Do the ginchy Bazooka Joe dance to ward off any evil spirits, please. Bazooka Joe deserves the support.

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