Monday, August 28, 2006

Choice Mail

For a few days now, I've wanted to be able to leave myself a voicemail -- and retrieve it as an MP3 file. Enter: GotVoice. I haven't tested the service fully, much less its free version, but you can learn more via TechCrunch. You might even learn about others I should check out -- in the comments, which I've yet to read.

So far, though, it checks out. It's easy to set up, and it works. Check this out:

My first voicemail MP3

I'd like to use a service like this instead of a portable digital recorder because it's phone driven. We'll see how it works for me! What I hope to be able to do is be able to leave myself voice memos, snippets of text and sound, and ideas... and then access them on my laptop. I also hope to be able to listen to voicemail on my phone, leave some messages behind, and download them later -- not all voicemail will end up as digital files. (I've called three friends to help me test this.)

Have any Media Dieticians used this or similar services? Any recommendations of solutions?

Update: Apparently, I can't call myself and leave a voicemail. Dialing my own number dumps me into Cingular's voicemail retrieval system. Does anyone know about any Cingular hacks on how to leave yourself a voicemail on your own phone -- without calling from another phone?

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