Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Comic Index: Archie #568

October 2006
$2.25, Archie Comics

Cover: (Stan Goldberg and Bob Smith) Archie's sitting on a lifeguard's chair, located on a beach filled with a bevy of beauties. Jughead: "What are you so happy about?" Archie: "The head lifeguard just ordered me to work an extra shift!"

Why? (Script: Kathleen Webb, Pencils: Stan Goldberg, Inking: Bob Smith, Editor: Victor Gorelick) In order to earn money to take out Veronica, Archie does yard work for his father, Veronica's dad, and Betty's father -- to disastrous effect. (Six pages.)

Summertime Date! (Script: Greg Crosby, Pencils: Stan Goldberg, Inks: Bob Smith) Archie goes to the movies, and his mom and dad remember their days going to the drive in during the summer. In the end, they decide they're better off staying at home. (Six pages.)

A Piece of Cake (Script: Barbara Slate, Pencils: Stan Goldberg, Inks: Bob Smith) Veronica asks Archie what he sees in Betty, and he wishes he didn't have to have his cake... and eat it, too! (Five pages.)

Monstrous Thoughts (Script: Mike Pellowski, Pencils: Stan Goldberg, Inks: Bob Smith) At the Riverdale Monster Truck Rally, Archie and Jughead imagine what it'd be like to drive a monster truck. Their verdict: Too monstrous. (Five pages.)

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