Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fire the Gatekeepers

In the About the Authors section in the back of the Group of 33's The Big Moo, my contributor's note reads, in part, "Heath Row hopes to meet you some day."

This evening, almost a year after the book's publication, I received my very first email in explicit response to that call to action:

Heath, I just got off a plane where I finished reading The Big Moo. I have a strange feeling that you either want to meet me, or are realizing that you made one of life's inexpensive mistakes.

Attaboy, Will. There's an email in your in box. The ball's in your court!

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Anonymous said...

The Big Moo was fun to read and provided me with what I see as "life's little reminders." As I was reading it, I often passed the book over to my supervisor (who was traveling with me) to read one of the entries or look at one of the illustrations. I am sorry to say that none of these "reminders" were remarkable on their own; I can trace back nearly every short story to something my grandmother has shared with me.

The strength of this book comes in the compilation and the positive energy that you feel when you set the book down.

If you haven't read it, why not?