Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Book, Line, and Sinker
This space has been blank for the past week because I was on vacation in northern Wisconsin. While visiting my parents, I picked up an issue of Musky Hunter magazine. It's based in St. Germaine, Wis., is published out of a building that contains a collection of muskellunge replicas, and is one of the neatest examples of enthusiast journalism I've seen for awhile. You see, the editors are fishing guides. They write instructional books and make instructional video tapes. Articles feature photos of the authors, editors, and their friends -- complete with fish. There's even a Readers' Photos section that compiles pictures of MH readers -- complete with fish they've caught. (But there's a disclaimer: "Please be patient -- due to the popularity of this section, it may take up to a year for your photos to appear." Isn't fishing all about patience?)

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