Friday, June 29, 2001

Magazine Me
Yesterday was good day at the newsstand. Quite the quality haul. If you haven't already checked out these magazines, you might want to do so. And if you regularly read these, right on! These are a few of my favorite magazines.

Bark: With a tagline of "Dog is my co-pilot," you can't go wrong with this magazine "about life with dogs." Published in Berkeley, this is one of the best new magazines I've seen for awhile.

Eat: A bilingual magazine from Tokyo, Eat is a well-designed food magazine that's not just about food. The fourth issue -- "Body" -- focuses on "what food does to you." A wonderful discovery!

Tokion: Another favorite from Japan. Tokion's take on "unisex/uniage/universal widescreen culture" is always personal, humorous, and edgy. This issue concentrates on houses -- where people live and why.

Colors: Benetton's consistently fascinating multilingual mag blends Johnny-on-the-spot reportage with brilliant photography to capture the essence and experience of Choi Hung, a 43,000-resident estate in Hong Kong that's slated for demolition. Like Kowloon, this lost city should be remembered.

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