Thursday, June 28, 2001

Old Zines and Fanfriction

I've been involved in fanzines, minicomics, and independent music and other media since 1988. But I've never been able to comprehend the allure of media tie-in fandom. I can somewhat understand Trekkies because there's such a body of work and lore behind the multiple television series. But I recently acquired an item on Ebay that is on the outside of what I understand and appreciate in terms of DIY media, fandom, and other interests. What is it? It's a "Simon & Simon" fanfiction fanzine -- a fanzine that contains stories written by fans of -- and drawing on the plotlines of -- "Simon & Simon."

Double Play was published in the mid-'90s by Australia-based Clarke & Keating Ink, which also produced fanfiction zines about "Star Trek," "Blake's 7," and "Battlestar Galactica." I've tracked down one of the writers who contributed to the zine, and I hope to offer more information on this intriguing media artifact soon. If you have any leads, smuggle me the essentials.

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