Monday, July 02, 2007

Video-A-Go-Go-Away IX

Fast Company Videos

1. Out Takes
RealTime New Orleans
December 1998

2. Fast Company
Holiday Video
December 2000

3. Fast Talk

4. Fast Company Presents Jim Collins Live: Good to Great

"Imagine you have three circles, and your task is to find the intersection of all three. One circle is what you are absolutely passionate about. The second is those things you were genetically encoded to do. The third is what people will pay you to do. The secret, then, is to find the intersection of all three." -- Jim Collins

"Can that which is good or mediocre ever change itself to become great?" -- Jim Collins, RealTime Phoenix

"To me, entrepreneurship is about carving a path that is so idiosyncratically you that it fits you like a glove." -- Jim Collins, RealTime Phoenix

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The following is a presentation given by Jim Collins at RealTime Phoenix on October 31, 2000. Jim Collins operates a management-research laboratory in Boulder, Colorado and is coauthor of "Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies." His new book, "Good to Great," will be published shortly by HarperBusiness. More information about Jim Collins and his work can be found at

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