Monday, July 02, 2007

Video-A-Go-Go-Away IV

A film but Alistair Banks Griffin and Sean Sullivan

Dear Julia,

A darkly comic tale of a man standing on the edge of sanity...


Boyd Soloman (Christian De Rezendes) believes he can fly and is eight floors above a street intending to prove it. Based on the highly acclaimed graphic novel by Brian Biggs, "Dear Julia," is the story of how he got there. Boyd's vivid memory of the past and shaky comprehension of the present give clues to the events that lead him to the edge: his childhood, his parents, and a particular trip to the country where everything began to go terribly awry.

An Influence Machine production
in association with Top Shelf Productions
present Dear Julia,
staring Christian De Rezendes, John Los Michael Grando
based on the original graphic novel by Brian Biggs
produced by Sean Sullivan and Alistair Banks Griffin
directed by Alistair Banks Griffin

(c) 2001 Influence Machine Productions. All rights reserved. Art and design copyright (c) 2001. Influence Machine Productions, 248 McKibbin St. #1G, Brooklyn, NY 11206.

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